Korean War

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  • What was the Korean War?

    The Korean War was one if the first acts that had lead to the cold war. The north consisted of democrats and the south were the republicans. On June 25, 1950 the north Korean military had crossed the border called 38th parallel and had started attacking the south.
  • Kim II Sung

    One of the main people that was involved with the war was Kim II sung. He was the Korean dictator and president of the northern part of Korea from 1948 to 1994. The reason that he was the reason the war started because he was the person to tell north Korea to invade the south.
  • President Truman

    Harry Truman served as the 33rd president of the united states in 1945 till 1953 his involvement in the Korean war was not as important as Kim II sung but he still had a roll. A little bit after the war had started, he had sent some american navy troops to help south Korea in the war.
  • Why was the Korean war Important

    The Korean war was more important to the northern part of Korea than the south. The reason is because north Korea had taken over all of Korea and was like a stale mate. America had gotten recognized because it showed how they helped to keep communism under wraps.
  • How it affected the United States

    The United States, after the war had strengthen their relationship with great Britain and had made peace with others.
  • How did the war start?

    This all started when north Korea had crossed the border to south Korea and had started invading them. It had taken only a day for China to find out what had happened and to quickly go to help the people in need and for the United states to help out the southern part of Korea.
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