King Saul and David

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Dec 19th, 0961
David calls for a National Assembly, and passes to Solomon his pattern for the temple
Dec 27th, 0961
: David dies a natural death at 70-75. Although David begins to rule at age 30 for 40 years, he may be older than 70 if we add Solomon’s over-lapping time of rule.
Nov 21st, 0963
David charges Solomon and the princes with the task of construction
Jul 1st, 0965
Battles with the Philistines. David is almost killed by a giant, and he is asked to stay home for his own safety. Four giants are killed in these battles
Sep 19th, 0968
A three-year famine occurs as a result of Saul’s attack on the Gibeonites
Jun 6th, 0976
Solomon is born, youngest of David’s sons, and future heir to the throne
Jan 4th, 0982
After 7-10 years of war, David has solidified his empire
Oct 26th, 0992
Ark returned to Jerusalem to a tent . The tabernacle remains in Gibeon. David desires to build a temple to house the ark. God sends Nathan to David with the Davidic Covenant instead, promising a perpetual throne to his offspring
Dec 19th, 0993
: Ishbosheth is murdered by two cut-throats. David is publicly anointed king over all of Israel, north and south
Feb 16th, 0997
David concures Jerusalem
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Aug 15th, 1000
Samuel dies and in a battle 3 of Saul's sons die and he gets wounded and falls on his sword
Dec 31st, 1004
Saul pursues David at en-Gedi.
Dec 14th, 1005
David takes his parents to Mizpah of Moab leaving them with the king
Jun 29th, 1006
David and Jonathan covenant together at Ramah
Dec 13th, 1006
David flees to Nob
Aug 6th, 1010
Saul banishes David from his court
Feb 8th, 1015
David was appointed armor-bearer to Saul
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Aug 14th, 1020
David defeted Goliath
May 13th, 1023
David serves Saul with music on his harp
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Nov 24th, 1025
David was annonted by Sammuel
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Apr 10th, 1035
David was Born