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  • My Birth

    My Birth
    March 30 1996 was a significant event in my life because it signifies the day i was brought to this magnificant and potential-full world in order to succeed and achieve something. Since you only get to experience this event once in your life i find it very important to include it as one of my timeline events.
  • Sisters birth

    Sisters birth
    My sister's birth was a significant event iny my life because it was the date in which my obnoxious little sister was brought into life. My sister being born changed many things in my life. I learned to be a responsible older sibling as we grew up together. This trait of responsibility that I acquired from my little sister, will help me in the future by finishing work on time, never being late and etc.
  • 911

    The tragic event of 911 was a significant time in my families life. A close family friend of mine was working in the building at the time of the tragedy. Fortunately for him he managed to escape however the even impacted his life greatly because he lost many valuable co-workers. After the devastion he lost his job so he came to live with us until he could find a new job. While he lived with us he told us traumatizing stories about the event.
  • First day of Public School

    First day of Public School
    This was very important event im my life. It issued the first time that education became a part of my life, since i never attended preschool or kindergarden. Education helped lead me to elementary school, highschool, and hopefully on my way to university.
  • Moving To Canada

    Moving To Canada
    Moving to Canada was a very important event in my life. Although i did not want to move to canada, I now see that it was for the better to move here. I enjoyed my life in Iran because i got to spend time with both sides of my family. On the positive side, Canada has better conditions for me to grow up in and be educated. Thus moving to Canada was a significant and beneficial time for me.
  • First lost tooth

    First lost tooth
    I lost my first tooth at age 10 when i was swimming and it randoml fell out. Losing my first tooth was an important event in my life because it symbolizes me maturing. I felt as i was growing and after the event i started to take on more roles and responsibility within my household to fit the role of my maturity.
  • First Visit to Iran

    First Visit to Iran
    My first visit to Iran was a meaningful event in my life. This is because it was 3 years since iv seen them, and when i did visit all my cousins and relatives where all grown up. This showed my how much i've missed and i came to a conclusion to visit them more often. I now visit iran every summer, and i get to see and spend time with my family.
  • House

    On 29th of November 2009, me and my family moved from an apartment house in Toronto, to a detached house in Richmond hill. This change had a great impact on my life. I was in a new neighbourhood, i met new people with who im very close. People who are a big part of my life now. Living in a bigger space was better for my family as we expanded our lifestyle.
  • Take your Kids to work Day

    Take your Kids to work Day
    This day was a very important day in my life. This is because it gave me an understanding of which career i would like to pursue. I visited my dads doctor's office. While i was there i observed how respected his profession is and the great feeling of helping someone in need, I then realized that i would like to pursue a career in the same field.
  • Drivier's license

    Drivier's license
    On my 16th birthday i took on a great role of getting my drivers license. I studied hard for the test and was rewarded with the privilege to drive. It was a very acoomplishing experience and now i take on greater responsiblites as a teenager. Such as driving my family around with parental supervision. And now i am currently practicing to get my G2 license which i hope to pass successfully.
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