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  • Colored Polaroid Photos pt.1

    Colored Polaroid Photos pt.1
    On February 3, 1963, Polaroid photos get a new push, color! No more black and white photos! Edwin H. Land created color photos. The photo will have to sit for a while for the color to come in, but now the world can have colored photos. Mr. Land has been working on this colored photo for fifteen years! He is calling his invention the Polacolor.
  • Colored Polaroid Photos pt.2

    Colored Polaroid Photos pt.2
    The world has waited and anticipated for the coming of colored photos, now they have them, at a price. Once Mr. land was able to create a colored photo, the minds of Americans opened. There were more inventors working to devise an even better photo. They realized that technology could keep improving and it certainly did!
  • Colored Polaroid Photos pt.3

    Colored Polaroid Photos pt.3
    As inventors unveiled new prospects and possibilities, the American people wanted more. As inventors and technology grew, the minds of Americans did too. I doubt that in 1963, Americans knew that they would have smartphones that could take a picture, edit it, and share it with their friends. Because that is exactly, what we have and it is crazy.
  • Colored Polaroid Photos pt.4

    Colored Polaroid Photos pt.4
    There wasn’t a premiere for the Polacolor film, but it was released in stores. It would be fascinating to be one of the first consumers of the colored film. I love Polaroid cameras, I even have one, and thanks to Edwin H. Land it has color.
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.1

    Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.1
    The south of America couldn’t be more segregated in 1963, colored and white. To make matters worse, on September 15, 1963, a bomb exploded before Sunday morning services at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama–a church with a black congregation that served as a meeting place for civil rights leaders. Four young girls were killed and many other people injured.
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.2

    Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.2
    The outrage over the incident and the violence between protesters and police that followed helped draw national attention to the hard-fought, often dangerous struggle for civil rights for African Americans. Many Americans that didn’t live in the south didn’t fully grasp the tensions and hardships for colored people.
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.3

    Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.3
    After the bombing, there was heartache, but the colored people united in prayer and protest. There were more civil rights activists. There were more protests. There were even more people to join the KKK. But, through national recognition, more Americans, white and colored alike, fought for civil rights for African Americans.
  • Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.4

    Bombing of Birmingham Church pt.4
    If I could have attended the event, I would have. I would have let the bomb fall, but with no casualties. I would want the bomb to fall to draw national attention to the problems and for African Americans to get their rights as a human being.
  • Grand Opening of Disney World pt.1

    Grand Opening of Disney World pt.1
    Friday, October 9, 1971, a day that will go down in history as the grand opening of Disney World! Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, encloses the Magic Kingdom, encompassing approximately 107 acres, featured Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, a Main Street USA, and about 5,500 Cast Members. About 10,000 arrived to the park for the grand opening. At the time, Disney World officials were planning to expand the park and they certainly did!
  • Grand Opening of Disney World pt.2

    Grand Opening of Disney World pt.2
    Many people watched Disney movies, now there was an amusement park to fulfill all of one’s wildest dreams. Disney World intentionally opened in the off season, so if there were in troubles, they could be corrected with only a small crowd there. The first year Disney World was open, general admission cost $3.50, today it costs $105! Many families attend Disney World for vacations. Then and now.
  • Grand Opening of Disney World pt.3

    Grand Opening of Disney World pt.3
    The number of people that attend Disney World increases every year. Today Disney World is the highest attended amusement park in the world with over 100,000,000 people yearly! I went to Disney World when I was ten years old; I remember every detail of it like it was yesterday. It was a magical experience!
  • Grand Opening of Disney World pt.4

    Grand Opening of Disney World pt.4
    The grand opening of Disney World would be sight to behold! To be in the land of memories, is wonderful. But to be there on the opening day, would be magical. I would go on all the rides, eat ice cream, and get all of the Disney characters’ signatures. Bob Hope viewed Disney World as a place to be rejuvenated and described it as: “Ponce De Leon couldn't find the fountain of youth in Florida, so Walt Disney created it." That is a place where magical memories are made!
  • Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.1

    Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.1
    For the first time in 25 years, on June 9, 1973, the Triple Crown has been won! Some know him as Big Red, others know him as Secretariat. To win the Triple Crown, you must win the following three races: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Secretariat has done that and even more!
  • Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.2

    Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.2
  • Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.3

    Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.3
  • Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.4

    Secretariat Wins Triple Crown pt.4
    Being at that race, would be an opportunity of a lifetime! I wish could have been there to witness Secretariat break records and win the Triple Crown. There is nothing that I would do to change the outcome of the event. It was an inspiring event that rejuvenated American spirits.
  • Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.1

    Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.1
    Throughout April, scientists watched a bulge on the north side of Mount St. Helens, in Washington, grow larger and larger. Finally, on May 18, 1980, at 8:32 a.m., a sudden 5.1-magnitude earthquake and eruption rocked the mountain. The north side of the peak rippled and blasted out ash at 650 miles per hour. A cloud of ash, rocks, gas and glacial ice roared down the side of the mountain at 100 mph. The devastation was terrible.
  • Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.2

    Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.2
    Fourteen miles of the Toutle River were buried up to 150 feet deep in the debris. Magma, at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, flowed for miles. Citizens of America now knew that Mother Nature had a mind of it’s own. People were saddened by its causes, but amazed at the works of God.
  • Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.3

    Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.3
    Millions of trees were scorched and burned by the hot air alone. When the glacier atop the mountain melted, a massive mudslide wiped out homes and dammed up rivers throughout the area. The plume of ash belched out for nine hours; easterly winds carried it across the state and as far away as Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fifty-seven people died overall from suffocation, burns and other assorted injuries. Twenty-seven bodies were never found.
  • Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.4

    Mount St. Helens Erupts pt.4
    Being there would have been a sight to see. However, if I could change the outcome of the event, I would. There would be no destruction or death. It would just be Mother Nature doing her thing.
  • Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.1

    Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.1
    Disney World's second theme park, Epcot, opened October 1, 1982. Disney Imagineers wanted a theme park that had the newest technologies. Other Imagineers wanted the park to focus on international culture. Eventually, they pushed the two plans together and created the hourglass-shaped combination of Future World and World Showcase that we know as Epcot today.
  • Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.2

    Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.2
    People, young and old alike, adored Walt Disney World. So the Disney Imagineers created Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or Epcot. Disney World visitors fell in love with Epcot. When people go to Disney World, they spend one day in Magic Kingdom and one day in Epcot.
  • Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.3

    Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.3
    Epcot brought such success; that two more theme parks were added. Each theme park is different; Epcot premieres the Future World and the World Showcase. The Future World section has space/technology amusements. There is even a stimulator that allows you to ‘build’ a rollercoaster and ride it. In the World Showcase, there's a section for each different country. As you enter the country, you can hear the culture’s music, smell the food, and see people from the country dressed in the proper attire.
  • Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.4

    Addition to Disney World: Epcot pt.4
    It would have been thrilling to be at the premiere of Epcot. Since its creation, more countries and rides have been added. It would be an amazing experience to be at the opening day.
  • Death of Princess Diana pt.1

    Death of Princess Diana pt.1
    On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana, or the People’s Princess, died in a tragic car accident that shocked the world. Princess Diana was riding in a Mercedes with her boyfriend (Dodi Al Fayed), bodyguard, and chauffeur when the car crashed into a pillar of the tunnel under the Pont de l'Alma bridge in Paris while fleeing from paparazzi. As autopsies were performed, examiners detected alcohol and other drugs in the chauffeur.
  • Death of Princess Diana pt.2

    Death of Princess Diana pt.2
    The world was shocked. Princess Diana was the People’s Princess. She dedicated herself to a number of causes, most especially to the elimination of AIDS and landmines. In 1987, when Diana became the first famous person to be photographed touching someone with AIDS, she made a huge impact, a ground-breaking moment, in dissolving the myth that AIDS could be contracted merely by touch. People of the world adored her and her death stunned them.
  • Death of Princess Diana pt.3

    Death of Princess Diana pt.3
    Because of Princess Diana’s extensive outreach to the people, the princesses and queens to come try to follow her footsteps. The royal women work for the people. They work for organizations that better the world. They fight for peace and justice. Diana modeled that wonderfully. She serves as a role model.
  • Death of Princess Diana pt.4

    Death of Princess Diana pt.4
    It would be difficult to be at the scene of the car crash. But, it would be honoring to attend her funeral. I can’t even imagine attending the funeral of a princess. It would be saddening, but breath-taking at the same time.
  • Columbine Shooting pt.1

    Columbine Shooting pt.1
    On April 20, 1999, two teens went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 13 people and wounding more than 20 others before turning their guns on themselves and committing suicide. This act of terrorism left the nation in shock and helped to create better school security systems.
  • Columbine Shooting pt.2

    Columbine Shooting pt.2
    Americans were shocked at the event. No one expected students to shoot fellow students, in school. President Clinton said, "We have a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure this doesn't make 1999 another year like last year, that we don't have another rash of this." People all across america agreed to his words.
  • Columbine Shooting pt.3

    Columbine Shooting pt.3
    In the aftermath of the shootings, many schools across America enacted “zero tolerance” rules regarding disruptive behavior and threats of violence from students. School security systems became more technological, secure, and safe. No one wanted their kids to be in a school shooting. The public did everything to prevent school shooting to happen again.
  • Columbine Shooting pt.4

    Columbine Shooting pt.4
    Being at the school shooting would be scary! If I could change anything, the shooting wouldn’t have happened. For the people that lived, students, teachers, parents, and friends, they are scarred for life. To me, that is terrible.
  • Haitian Earthquake pt.1

    Haitian Earthquake pt.1
    On January 12, 2010, Haiti was shaken by a high-magnitude earthquake. An exact death toll proved elusive in the mass chaos. The official Haitian government count was more than 300,000 lives. Hundreds of thousands of survivors were displaced. People around the world responded quickly to the disaster by: sending money, sending supplies, and volunteering their time in Haiti.
  • Haitian Earthquake pt.2

    Haitian Earthquake pt.2
    After this earthquake, people realized the poverty of Haiti. The world understood that Haiti was a third world country. People all around the world sent supplies and money to Haiti. Although Haiti was hit by an earthquake, the world worked together to send relief to Haiti. This is great example of unity and peace.
  • Haitian Earthquake pt.3

    Haitian Earthquake pt.3
    Since the earthquake, many organizations have been formed to help send relief to Haiti. Relief is still needed in Haiti. In fact, my cousin is going on a mission this summer to Haiti. He is traveling through an organization that was created send relief to Haiti. Haiti is still trying to recover from the earthquake, but poverty and unemployment rates are high.
  • Haitian Earthquake pt.4

    Haitian Earthquake pt.4
    I wouldn’t want to be in Haiti at the time of the earthquake, but I would definitely do everything I could do to prevent it from happening. It makes me very depressed to see sad faces. I think every child should smile.
  • Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.1

    Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.1
    On April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. Many people, all around the world, tuned in to their television stations to watch the royal couple be wedded. They had known each other for almost ten years. They finally joined together in marriage, where they became the Prince and Princess of Britain.
  • Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.2

    Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.2
    Finally, Prince William had made his choice on his soulmate. Many women across the globe were disappointed they weren’t his choice. The attendance at the wedding was massive. There were about 1,900 guests. An estimated 2 billion people in more than 180 countries around the world tuned in to see reports, photos and TV pictures of the royal wedding. My cousin was up at four in the morning watching the wedding.
  • Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.3

    Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.3
    Since the wedding, the royal couple has had two kids. They had a boy and girl: George and Charlotte. The paparazzi loves the family. The paparazzi has grown and is still growing. People all around the world loves the royal family and looks as them as a perfect family.
  • Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.4

    Royal Marriage: William and Kate pt.4
    To be at the royal wedding of William and Kate, would be an absolute honor. The people that were at the wedding were all ambassadors, royalty, and family. The wedding would be an honor to attend. I wouldn’t change anything. The wedding was perfect.
  • Change the World pt.1

    Change the World pt.1
    People have asked me before, how I plan to change the world. I have always responded that through my job and faith I’m sure I can achieve a positive change. Right now, I am deciding between three jobs; they all require me to keep strong in my faith. I would like to go in the field of missions. I believe that there is plenty of change to be done where we live, I don’t need to go to Asia to change the world.
  • Change the World pt.2

    Change the World pt.2
    I would like to be a backyard missionary. A missionary travels around the world or lives in another country for a long period time. A backyard missionary lives in their community. However, the purposes of both are the same; speak out in Jesus’ name and convert others to Christianity. By being a backyard missionary, I can stay close to my family and still convert others to Christianity.
  • Change the World pt.3

    Change the World pt.3
    To change the world, small steps must be taken to make a change. I do not know what events will take place for me to change the world. I would like to become a youth group leader at my church. I can help lead teenagers to Christianity through youth group. Through my community, there will be ways to make a change. People will be changed and they will change people, it will be an explosion in the night.
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