John W Booth

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  • Birth

    John Wilkes Booth was born to Junius Brutus Booth Booth and Mary Ann Holmes in Bel Air, Maryland. .He was the 9th of 10 children.
  • Father Dies

    Father Dies
    Died from a fever aboard a steamboat.
  • Debut Performasnce

    Debut Performasnce
    Debut performance in a play at Baltimore's Charles Street Theatre.
  • John Brown's Excecution

    John Brown's Excecution
    When John Brown was excecuted tensions between the North and South started to increase, pushing us that much closer to a civil war.
  • Election

    Abraham Lincoln wins the election
  • Beggining of the Civil War

    Beggining of the Civil War
    After the attack on Fort Sumpter the Civil War had begun
  • Taking Five

    Taking Five
    A respitory illness took hold of Booth while on tour causing him to take a temporary break from his lead role.
  • Foiled Abduction

    Foiled Abduction
    Booth had a team coordinated to abduct Lincoln on his way to see a play, but his plans were stopped short when Lincoln decided to skip the play and go speak to the 140th Indiana Regiment.
  • Assasination

    While President Lincoln, his wife Mary, and Major Henry Rathbone were whatching a play at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C., Booth slipped into their box and shot the President in the back of the head and stabbed Major Rathbone. In his escape, Booth jumped from the box onto the stage, breaking his ankle. However, he still managed to elude capture by Federal officials.
  • The Chase

    The Chase
    John Wilkes Booth is the most wanted men in the U.S.A. he has successfully fled into Maryland countryside. He is forced to find a place to rest because his leg is injured and his horse is tired from the journey. He now hides in the house of the physician and Confederate sympathizer Dr. Samuel Mudd.
  • Search Party

    Search Party
    The search party was officially sent out immediatly after Lincoln's assassination.
  • Death

    After being caught in Garett's barn, the building was set on fire. Booth refused to come out, and later shot in the neck.
  • South Surrenders

    South Surrenders
    General Robert E. Lee surrenders officially ending the Civil War.
  • Period: to


    John attended a quaker-run,milton boarding school for boys in Sparks Maryland. He later attended St.Timothy’s hall until the death of his father.
  • Period: to

    Shakespearean Stock Company

    John Wilkes Booth's acting carreer really started to take off when he joined this company and started to become famous.