John D Rockefeller

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  • Birth

    John D Rockefeller was born in on this day. His parents were William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davidson. He had 5 siblings.
  • First Employment

    First Employment
    When John was sixteen, he got employed at his first job as an assistant bookkeeper. He worked at a small produce commission firm called, named Hewitt & Tuttle.
  • Went Into Produce Comission

    Rockefeller went in the produce commission business with a Maurice B. Clark. They were partners in the business
  • First Oil Refinery

    First Oil Refinery
    The partners, John and Maurice, built an oil refinery in Cleveland in then Cleveland's burgeoning industrial area named, "The Flats",
  • Partnership

    His brother William built another oil refinery in Cleveland. He then brought John into the partnership. Soon another partner, Henry Flagler, and together joined them.
  • Largest Oil Refinery

    Rockefeller continued the practices of borrowing and reinvesting profits with controlling their cost and using the refineries' wastes, the company owned two Cleveland refineries as well as a marketing subsidiary in New York. With all of those combined, it became the largest oil refinery in the world.
  • Standard Oil

    Standard Oil
    Rockefeller made Standard Oil of Ohio, which became the most profitable refiner in Ohio. Standard Oil grew to become one of the largest shippers of oil and kerosene in the country. Each partner had their own share of the company:
    John D. Rockefeller had (30%)
    William Rockefeller (13.34%)
    Henry Flagler (16.67%)
    Samuel Andrews (16.67%)
    Stephen Harkness (13.34%)
    O. B. Jennings (the brother-in-law of William Rockefeller, 10%).
  • Retirement

    By 1896, Rockefeller stopped going to his office daily and in 1897 he retired. He was 58 at the time. John Archbold ran Standard Oil, though his policies of rasing prices with the monopoly was looked down upon, and the blame went to Rockefeller.
  • Death

    When Rockefeller died, his estate totaled an estimated $26,410,837. He was 98 years old at the time. Most of his money went to charities, his sons, some philanthropies and other relatives.