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Into The Wild: Christopher McCandless

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Stamapede trail 1930 Stampede Trail Blazed The Stampede Trail was blazed in the 1930s by a legendary Alaska miner named Earl Pilgrim, above the Clearwater Fork of the Toklat River.
Alaska 2 Stampede Trail Project Begins In 1961, a Fairbanks company, Yutan Construction, won a contract from the new state of Alaska to upgrade the trail, building it into a road on which trucks could haul ore from the mine yearround
Impassable stampede trail 2 Stampede Trail Project Halted The Stampede Trail Project was halted in 1963: some fifty miles or road were eventually built, but no bridges were ever erected over the many rivers it transected, and the route was shortly rendered impassable by thawing permafrost and seasonal floods.
Baby boy Birth of Christopher Johnson McCandless Christopher Johnson McCandless was born on February 12, 1968 to Walter and Wilhelmina (Billie) McCandless in El Segundo, California.
Moving truck 2 McCandless Famiy Moves To Virginia In 1976, Walt McCandless was offered a job with NASA. Walt accepted the position with ASA and moved his family to Annandale, Virginia.
Itwchapter8 High School Graduation Christopoher Johnson McCandless graduated from high school in May of 1986, in Annandale, Virginia.
Graduation College Graduation In May of 1990, Christopher McCandless graduated college from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
Oxfam Contribution to OXFAM On May 15, 1990, Christopher wrote a check to OXFAM for $24,000.00 ~ giving them his entire savings.
Roadtrip McCandless Begins His Journey Across America On May 16, 1990, Christopher Johnson McCandless walked away from his family, friends, and possessions and set out for his journey into the wild. He had no map, mo agenda, just the will to travel.
Car 1 McCandless Begins His Alaska Journey On April 28, 1992, James Gallien gave Christopher McCandless a ride to the Stampede Trail in Alaska where Christopher set out to begin in journey into the wild. This was the last date that anyone ever saw Christopher McCandless alive.
Christopher mccaandless Death of Christopher Johnson McCandless On August 18, 1992, Christopher Johnson McCandless lost his life at the age of 24.
Bus 1 McCandless' Body Discovered At the age of 24,Christopher McCandless was found dead in an abandoned Fairbanks City Transit Bus numbered 142 near Denali National Park in Alaska on September 6, 1992. Six people in three separate parties stumbled upon the remote vehicleon the same afternoon.
Krakauer Outside Magazine Article: Death of an Innocent Jon Krakauer wrote an article about Christopher McCandless for Outside Magazine, titled ~Deathof an Innocent.
Itwopinion Motion Picture: Into The Wild In 2007, Jon Krakauer's novel Into The Wild was made into a major motion picture. The film was directed by Sean Penn with Emile HIrsch starring as Christopher McCandless. The movie opened nationwide on October 5, 2007.