Innovations of the airplane

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Timeline First piloted airplane On this date,Orville Wright flew the first manned flight ever.It may have only lasted 12 seconds,only flew up 10 feet,and only have traveled 120 feet,but this was a major accomplishment.
Timeline The first airplane On this date,the Wright brothers made the first successful experiment were a machine carrying a man rose on its own,flew naturally and at even speed,and descended without damage.
Timeline First airplane bathroom This is not a exact date but the bathroom was first on a airplane around 100 years ago.It has changed from a bucket to as advanced as home bathrooms.
Timeline The Amount of People an airplane carries This is not an exact date but the airplane used to only carry one or two people.Now it carries hundred upon hundred of people.
Timeline The first warplane During WW1 the first warplanes were used.The warplanes had pistols and shotguns attached to them.They were such an advantage because they prevented enemies from attacking us.They made us stronger.
Timeline NC-4 Airplane The first transatlantic flight.Lieutenant Commander Albert Cushing Read flew the first flight over 1000 miles.He traveled this distance in under 12 hours.He travled from Trepassy,Newfoundland to Horta,Azores.
Timeline First non-stop transatlantic flight The first non-stop transatlantic flight.Vickers-Vimy Rolls-Royce biplane went from St.Johns,Newfoundland to
Timeline The first jet plane Dr.Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle flew for the first time.The jet plane is faster than the airplane.Although it is smaller,it can go farther distances in less time but carries less passengers than airplanes.