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Inclusion of Native American Music

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Columbus small square 1st Jan, 1492 Columbus Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492 and discoverd that he hadn't really discovered anything.
395825 317501151629947 580558400 n small square founding of the United States
Highlight trte logo small square Trail of Tears
Timeline small square Institutionalization of Reservation schools
Kremser e small square First Dissertation written about American Indian Music First Dissertation written about American Indian music
Timeline small square American Indianist Movement
Brent michael davids small square Birth of Brent Michael Davids Composer and film scorer
Nativeamericanmusic small square Louis Ballard
516q14548kl. sl500 aa300  small square John Bierhorst
Images 1 small square Bryan Burton "moving within the Circle"