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Evansville North-South Toll Road Feasibility Study Released INDOT releases a study about the possibility of a toll road extending from Evansville to the then proposed I-65 near Lafayette, Indiana. Photo: Lori SR (Flickr)
Feasibility2 The Southwest Indiana Highway Feasibility Study The Southwest Indiana Highway Feasibility Study commonly called the Donohue Study is submitted to INDOT.
Carrsign CARR is formed Landowners with property on the highway’s proposed route form Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads (CARR). Source:Bloomington Alternative
Inroads Transportation Equity Act The Transportation Equity Act was the federal transportation act that approved transportation projects for 1998-2003. This expanded the high-priority Corridor 18 to include I-69.
I 69alteredfin Indiana Spends $10 Million On Environmental Study Indiana announced it would spend $10 million as part of a collaborative study to examine the environmental impacts of I-69 from Indiana to Mexico.
Source: Herald Times
I 69 dellinger INDOT Awards Contact To Bernardin, Lochmeuller & Associates Source: Interstate 69 by Matt Dellinger
Obannon3 Gov. O'Bannon Chooses Route Through Martinsville & Bloomington Gov. Frank O'Bannon picked the 3C route for I-69, which made the road go through Martinsville and Bloomington. I-69 Guide
Majormoves2 Major Moves: Lease of Toll Road Provides I-69 Funds Governor Mitch Daniels leases the Indiana Toll Road to raise funds for 10-year, $10 billion transportation plan called Major Moves. This provides funds for Sections 1 through 4 of I-69. Major Moves
Carrsign HEC, CARR and Environmental Law & Policy Center Files Lawsuit HEC, CARR and the Environmental Law & Policy Center file a lawsuit in federal court to overturn Tier 1 Record of Decision for I-69.
Pasture INDOT Complete Tier 2 Environmental Study I-69 Section 1</a>INDOT announces completion of the Tier 2 draft of the Environmental Impact Study for the 13-mile section between I-64 and SR 64 near Oakland City. <a href='http://www.i69indyevn.org/section-1-deis/' >I
Daniels Gov. Daniels Signs Budget With I-69 Funds Governor Daniels signed the a two-year $26 billion budget that included $119 million for the I-69 section near the southern border.
Courtroom I-69 Section Upheld in Court A court upheld the selected route for I-69, ruling against the Hoosier Environmental Council.
Hauler Company Wins Contract After Fraud Claims Gohmann Asphalt and Construction Inc, was awarded a $25.23 million contract to build a 1.77 mile section of I-69 from I-64 near Evansville to SR-68. The company paid $8.2 million to settle fraud claims after it was accused of switching road core samples. Herald Times
I69protestors I-69 Protestors Arrested Herald Times Protestors were arrested after they blocked the entrance to an asphalt plant that would supply materials to build I-69.
Diggers Ground-breaking in Evansville Indiana broke ground for I-69 but not without opposition. Several protestors were arrested when they blocked the entrance to an asphalt supply plant.
Courier Press
Herald Times
Timeline Section Completed in Southwest Indiana A section in Southwest Indiana from the I-64/I-164 interchange in Gibson County north of Evansville and ending at Indiana State Road 68 southeast of Princeton is completed.
Daviessconstruction I-69 Contract Awarded For Daviess County Section INDOT awarded a $58.5 million contract to T.J. Lambrecht Construction and F.H. Paschen for the I-69 section in Daviess County.
Washingtonstreet Ground Broken in Daviess County Ground was broken in Segments 10 and 11 of I-69 in Daviess County.
Greencounty Ground Breaking of Section 3 in Greene County INDOT broke ground on Segments 12 and 13 of Section 3. It is the first major construction in Greene County.
Tollroad Tolls Banned on I-69 A law is passed that bans tolls on I-69. Herald Times
Bloomingtonbus INDOT Warns MPO INDOT tells the MPO that it will not renew transportation funding unless the MPO includes I-69 in its transportation plans.
Hoosierlogo HEC Files Lawsuit I-69 Guide</a>Hoosier Environmental Council files a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on claims that INDOT violated federal laws how it selected the Evansville-to-Indianapolis route. <a href='http://www.indiana.edu/~bslib/i69guide.html' >
Trees Highway Administration Approves Environmental Study I-69 Section 1</a>INDOT presented the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Study to the Federal Highway Administration. It said the area between Indianapolis and Bloomington and the area from US 231 north of Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, and SR 57 south-southwest to the I-64/I-164 interchange northeast of Evansville would cause the least environmental damage. In March, the FHWA approved the study. <a href='http://www.i69indyevn.org/section-1-deis/' >
Hoosierlogo Environmental Organizations Release "The Untold Story" CARR, HEC and ELPC release a report called “The Untold Story” that said the Purpose and Need Statement is biased.
WIBC: The Untold Story Report
Evansville Projected Completion of Evansville Section The section of I-69 that runs through Evansville.