Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard

Timeline created by Niki Patane
  • Sampath's birth

    Sampath's birth
    Kulfi looked him a tiny creature in her hands, a creature that looked as if he had come from another planet altogether,or had been discovered in the woods, like something alien and strange.
    Soon the storm would end and the world would grow silent and fragant, the air wathered soft as the hour of sleep.
  • Sampath at twenty

    Sampath at twenty
    Twnty years later, in the very same house and in the very same room, Sampath Chawla, with spider-legs and arms, thin and worried-looking, lay awake under a fan. It trashed and swung above him, making as much noise as a gale, although Sampath could feel only the faniest tremor of an air current playing about his toes.
  • A Job for Sampath

    A Job for Sampath
    Mr Chawla had found a suitable job for his son. That job was in the Government service.
    Sampath was very disturbed by the new news that his father brought but Mr Chawla said that he did not had to complain it was just a small thing.
  • In the post office

    In the post office
    When his your boss Mr D.P.S left the post office, Sampath site began to do what they did not have to do. He began to read the letters where had personal things that he couldn't know like invitations to a wedding, letters of congratulations, love letters and much more .
    He spent most of his time reading the letters and not doing what they had to do.
  • Sampath wanted to be free

    Sampath wanted to be free
    When Sampath would have to be making preparations for the wedding was in the room with the daughter of his boss putting on clothes and jewel that was there. But that was not all, without any shame Sampath went up a source arrives singing and stripping in front of all guests and their boss. The only thing he wanted was to be free.
  • The more magnificient Guava Tree

    The more magnificient Guava Tree
    After his dismissal Sampath took a group to find another job again. Samapath leapt from the window of the stalling bus,he ran with a feeling of urgency.
    When he finaly arrived he realize it was a guava tree he climb it and felt it was the more magnificent and Larger tree than any ever had seen before
  • In the Newspaper

    In the Newspaper
    Sampath's family, when they know what happened went with him and took the same bus as Sampath. He did not want to lower the tree, the place was full of people, the family began to find doctors to help him but nothing was good. Everything ended with Sampath in the newspaper like a unusual spiritual nature.
  • Like a diviner

    Like a diviner
    People came to the Orchard to see Sampath and ask him questions.People thought that que could guess different things about their lives but the only thing that Sampath know about the people there was what him read in their letters that day.
    He was a cheeky person said the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Rare dishes

    Rare dishes
    Kulfi searches the forest for exotic things to cook for her son. Sampath gave her that mission, for two good reasons: 1) she couldn`t help spoiling Sampath, and 2) cooking gave her the pleasure of creativity, and she was not conventional, not even in the kitchen.
  • Ice-cream store

    Ice-cream store
    Pinky and Ammaji went to the bazaar to buy a new denture for Ammaji.
    Later when they finished they went to the ice-cream store for an ice-cream in that moment the monkey of the cinema Monkey start running Ammaji to eat that ice-crem. When Ammaji treat to take a bite of ice-cream the new dentures stuck in the ice-crem the monkey pay attention at the denture took it and started running with that. The Hungry Hop boy run the monkey and took it the dentures and give it cheerfully to Ammaji.
  • A temple

    A temple
    By the time pass Sampath was more famous, interesting and biggest to the people. Now the people who come with his toes placed reverently upon their heads.
    The place had change Ammaji put tea stall and near it there was a store of flower garlands, fruit and incense to those inclined towards leaving offerings for Sampath. This store was managed by Mr.Chawla.
  • "She might to kiss him"

    "She might to kiss him"
    Pinky, who was completely in love with the Hungry Hop boy, goes to the bazaar. When she arrives approached him, she thought she might kiss him, but the vein of aggression pounded powerfully within her and she bit his ear instead. So hard that the boy start shouting.
    Then the police come and Pinky marched to the police station.
    The ear was packed in a tub of vanilla ice cream that had been handly obtained from the van to keep it frozen so that Dr.Banerjee might sew it back on.
  • They are acting very strangely

    They are acting very strangely
    The monkeys did not want to sit still they were acting very strangely (Sampath defends them and said they are only monkeys).
    Some alcohol was discovered on the compound this means that the monkeys were drunk.
    One thing that was clear was that the monkeys love the alcohol.
  • A Hermitage

    A Hermitage
    Mr. Chawla think that it was the time to build a hermitage to Sampath because of the monkeys that problem was getting out of hands. Sampath's father said that it will be very comfortable an much more. But Sampath didn't want a hermitage very angry tell his father that he will never goes down the tree.
    The monkeys threw apples at Mr.Chawla head only because they were attempting to protect Sampath
    The mon
  • Mr Chawla is getting furious

    Mr Chawla is getting furious
    Mr. Chawla start getting annoying because of the monkeys that are threating Sampath at the tree. They are disturbing the people that come to see Sampath, so Sampath will not have more fans. They are detroying the peace and the atmosphere of the hole compound.
    In the middle of the chaos Mr Chawla start thinking about to call the head of the biology department at the Lady Chartterjee University to help as how to get away the monkeys to not disturb more.
  • Pinky's love

    Pinky's love
    Pinky still thinking in his love the Hungry Hop boy. So he start talking with his brother that give her more wisdom and hope to write him a note. This note explain that she express his love in a wrong way, that she will not do again. She feel completely sorry because of the accident that day, when she bite him. In the note Pinky write taht a lot of times.
    When she finish go to give that note to his love.
  • Sampath do not know

    Sampath do not know
    Sampath was really worried of what happened in Shankot. Many people were not in the best of spirits that days so Sampath decided to write a poem.
    He tried to compose something but it was to difficult . He have no answer start thiking in What he know...? ... of what ?
    for example about the sun, or about his tree, or the monkeys problem, but nothing sound right.
    He start thinkin about the moon, the seasons , leaving memories, and much more but nothing was right at all. Sampath was in trouble.
  • Terror in Shankot

    Terror in Shankot
    In Shankot there was a monkey invasion. Every were they go, every were they are. The people have terror of them because some of them bit. There was a case that two mens were outside a university drinking something and monkeys appear and bite them, this two were inmediatly taken to the hospital with monkey-teeht marks upon their arms.
    People close their windows and doors every time because of them. They go to bazaar in groups. Nobody is alone.
    Really is a chaos in Shankot.
  • Action Plan

    Action Plan
    Verma of the university was working to create a plan to procedure for the killing of the Cinema Monkey and at final disbanding the entire troupe of monkeys.
    He photocopies his plan and sent it to the Superintendent of Police and others important institution. Also he didn't show his plan to his wife. She began to plot a separation.
    One day he start thinking that he would organize an operation that would him honour.It was his duty to take charge of all unusual and dire threats to peace and secu
  • The arrival of District Collector

    The arrival of District Collector
    When he descended of the train, all the secretary, and stern-faced messengers were surrounded him with proposals and plans.
    His secretary explain him that the phones lines are out and the postal and telegraph services are run. She said that maybe is better to deal with the situation ourselves and not to say any authorities.
    The secretary add that he have all under control he didn't have to worried about this situation she will solved it.
  • A new proposal

    A new proposal
    Mr Chawla interrupted and enter opening the filmsy wooden door that led in from the front of veranda and said I TOO have a propsal to make. The DC asked him what proposal ? putting down his knife.
    So Mr Chawla start explain them what he decided to do it was that one day catch all the monkeys in one go and move them to a far-off forest in a another state so they couldn't came back.
  • People complain

    People complain
    Days later the Mr.Chawla's plan was put in action all was right when the people start complaining that no only the monkeys disturb the peace in Shankot but those wretched army boys were as well. At the final there is a good but a messy plan the arny boys were making them leap from trees, slide down ropes, do hanstands and sit- ups, and go running for milesup and down and much more. The people complain in the Brigadier but they have no option only suffer.
  • Love escaping

    Love escaping
    The Hungy Hop boy decided to write a note to his love Pinky telling her that he want to see her, that she have to take the same bus that Sampath took when he had left Shahkot. He give it to the milkman so he will give it to her.
    Pinky response him with an idea it was that they could go out to a new town on monday 30 april that thatt everybody will be paying attention to the monkeys so nobody will see them.
    He very nervous because that they will come very soon, answer her that he will be there.
  • Something happened in the driveway

    Something happened in the driveway
    All was perfect they were ready to go at 4:00 a.m. the sun was properly in the sky. By 4:05 a.m. down the drive way something pass. In the middle of the driveway There was a huge and montley collection of bundles and red rolls, of broken chairs and tables, battered pots and pans galore,some dirty quillts and old pillows. They could hear a dreadful banging and clanging come from the servants. Nobody knows what was happening there
  • Trapped by love

    Trapped by love
    The hungy hop boy want to see Pinky beacuse of his plan to escape.
    But that night all police were out beacuse of the plan that it will be tomorrow, the Brigadier want to shoot him but Mr Gupta told him that was only an ice cream vend.
    All was good when the boy get trussed up with the monkeys net he start crying saying let me up today i will decided my life !. Pinky discover the hungry hop boy there and feel disgust she never appered so lovely to him.
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