Hitler's Rise to Power

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  • Hitler joins the party

    Hitler becomes the 55th member to join the German Worker's Party.
  • The party was renamed

    The Germans workers Party was renamed the Socialist German Workers party. The English identify this party as the Nazi Party.
  • Mein Kampf is Published

    Mein Kampf is Published
    Mein Kampf is something wrote by Hitler. In a normal sense, it isn't really considered a book. This is because Hitler never actually sat down and wrote it, instead he spoke it to Rudolf Hess when he was pacing around in his cell when Hitler was in jail. The book includes Hitlers ideas for Germany, politics, and race and also some tales from his youth.
  • Hitler is Chancellor

  • Reichstag's Fire

    Reichstag's Fire
    The Reichstag Building was set on fire and Hitler used this as a pretext to seize emergency powers and detain his political enemy.
  • Hitler becomes a German Dictator

    Hitler becomes a German Dictator
    Hitler easily wins mostly because he says that he will fight for our communism.
  • President Hindenburg Dies

    President Hindenburg Dies
    After Hindenburg's death Hitler suggests that he should be both President and Chancellor.
  • Hitler: "Man of the Year"

    Hitler is declared by times magazine "Man of the Year". This is because he has political dominance, and they describe him and his Nazi Party as "Ruthless".
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    The polish army was defeated within weeks of the invasion
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    After Pearl Harbor, Hitler used it as a power move to strike the United States.
  • War is declared against the United Sates

    A few days after the US is bombed by Japan (Pearl Harbor) Hitler declares war on the US. This is not because Japan and him are allies, but because he likes the idea that he is at the center of the war.
  • Hitler could have died

    A bomb goes off at headquarters that was meant to kill Hitler. The person that was blamed for the planting of the bomb was a senior officer.
  • Hitler dies in Berlin

    Hitler dies in Berlin
    Hitler commits suicide because most likely he was trying to be taken over by the Soviet troops.
  • Period: to


    Destruction and slaughter on a mass scale of Jews, by Hitler.