History of the Stock Market

Timeline created by Richaela.D
  • Stockade Erected in Manhattan

    Stockade Erected in Manhattan
    A 12-foot-high wood stockade is erected across lower Manhattan from river to river to protect Dutch settlers from attacks by the British and Indians.
  • Wallstreet Laid Out

    Wallstreet Laid Out
    Surveyors lay out Wall Street along the line of the stockade.
  • US Investment Markets Born

    US Investment Markets Born
    The federal government refinances all federal and state Revolutionary War debt, issuing $80 million in bonds. These become the first major issues of publicly traded securities, marking the birth of the U.S. investment markets.
  • Meeting Under the Buttonwood Tree

    Meeting Under the Buttonwood Tree
    A group of 24 merchants and brokers gathered on Wall Stree under a buttonwood tree to sign an agreement to trade secutities on a commission basis.
  • Securities Market Grows

    Securities Market Grows
    After the Civil War ended the securities market began to grow in New York. Government bonds, banks and insurance stocks trade now
  • The Great Fire

    The Great Fire
    The Great Fire destroys over 700 buildings in lower Manhattan. The NYS&EB moves to temporary headquarters.
  • Telegraph is Invented

    Telegraph is Invented
    The telegraph is invented, broadening market participation by facilitating communication with brokers and investors outside New York City
  • Civil War Begins

    Civil War Begins
    With the outbreak of the Civil War the NYS&BE suspend trading in seceding states.
  • A New Name

    A New Name
    The New York Stock and Exchange Board changes its name to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
  • Lincoln is Assasinated

    Lincoln is Assasinated
    The stock market is closed for two weeks following the death of President Lincoln
  • The First Stock Ticker

    The First Stock Ticker
    Invented by Edward A. Calahan, the stock ticker revolutionizes the stock market by bringing current prices to investors everywhere.
  • Gold Speculation Ruins Stock Market

    Gold Speculation Ruins Stock Market
    On September 24, gold speculation resulted in "Black Friday."
  • NYSE Establishes Clearing House

    NYSE Establishes Clearing House
    The New York Stock Exchange Clearing House is organized to centralize and expedite the transfer of securities from broker to broker.
  • New Location

    New Location
    The NYSE moves to their current location at 18 Broad Street.
  • Longest Exchange Shutdown

    Longest Exchange Shutdown
    WWI causes securities exchanges around the world suspend operations to stop plunging prices. The NYSE closes its doors and doens't open for 4 and a half months.
  • Black Thursday

    Black Thursday
    Five days later, the market crashes on a level that wouldn't be surpassed for 39 years. It becomes known as the Great Depression.