History of the Heinz History Center

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  • First roots of History Center

    "Old Residents of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania" founded (later called Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania) during the 125th anniversary of the French & Indian War.
  • Archives Committee formed

    The Archives Commitee cared for the collection.
  • Rival historical society formed

    Historical Society of Pittsburg and Western Pa. was a rival for 3 years.
  • Name change

    Name changed from Old Residents of Pittsburgh to Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Rival societies join together

    The rival society (Historical Society of Pittsburg and Western Pa.) consolidated with the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania.
  • Collections moved

    Moved to the new County Courthouse
  • Activities and collections moved

    Moved to the Carnegie Free Library in Oakland
  • Carnegie becomes life member

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie become life members
  • Papers and books absorbed by library

    Many of HSWP papers and books "absorbed" by Carnegie Library
  • Reorganization meeting

    Reorganization meeting "to do something about the perilous condition of the society." Total membership at 150.
  • State gave money

    State granted $25,000 toward site acquisition and construction of headquarters at Bigelow Blvd.
  • Bigelow Building opens

    Regarded as just a part of a considerably larger structure.
  • $500 in annual support

    From Allegheny County
  • $2,500 in annual support

    From the City of Pittsburgh
  • Magazine premiered

    Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine premiered
  • $40,000 granted

    From the state towards completion of Bigelow building (matched by Buhl Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Andrew W. Mellon, and others)
  • Bigelow building dedicated

    Also launched Western PA Historical Survey (1931-36)
  • Women’s auxiliary formed

  • Annual grants ceased

    Annual grants from the City and County ceased due to budget cuts
  • City's bicentennial

    Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania heled plan the City’s bicentennial celebration
  • Total membership: 382

  • Senator John Heinz presented lecture

    "Great Grandfather’s Pittsburgh"
  • Published The Jewish Experience in Western Pennsylvania

  • Preliminary plan for Pittsburgh Regional History Center

  • Jewish Archives established

  • Redesign/re-title of magazine

    Pittsburgh History: A Magazine of the City and Its Region
  • "Homestead: The Story of A Steel Town"

    Exhibit drew 12,000 visitors
  • Major expansion of collections

    Creation of Italian American history project
  • Launch of $20 million capital campaign

    400 members
  • Allegheny County granted $3.1 million

    For purchase Chautauqua Lake Ice Co. Building in the Strip District
  • Polish American and Slovak American Collection projects launched

  • State awarded $7 million grant

    For History Center capital campaign
  • Joint operating agreement with Meadowcroft Village

  • Renovation of History Center building begins

    Campaign goal raised to $36.7 million
  • Publication of Beyond Adversity

    Creation of African American history programs
  • Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center opens its doors

    5,000 members
  • Capital Campaign reached $36.7 million goal

  • Glass: Shattering Notions

    Published to accompany exhibition of the same name
  • First President/CEO hired

    Society reorganized
  • Smithsonian Affiliation

  • Emmy Award

    For Donora Smog “On Q” program collaboration with WQED
  • Became largest museum dedicated to history in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    $30 million raised. Smithsonian Wing with Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Mueller Education Center, Special Collections Gallery, and McGuinn Gallery for traveling exhibitions.
  • Center for the French & Indian War established

  • Meadowcroft named National Historic Landmark

  • Steelers Sundays at the History Center

    Live studio broadcast
  • Clash of Empires: The British, French and Indian War 1754 – 1763

    250th anniversay of French and Indian War
  • Installation of life-size figures of George Washington and Franco Harris at Pittsburgh International Airport

    Viewed by 15 million annually
  • Received highest (4-star) Charity Navigator rating

  • Website has record 61,000 hits in one day

    For Steelers 75th Anniversary and Dan Rooney autobiography launch
  • Pittsburgh's 250th birthday

    History Center takes leadership role in celebrating the region’s 250th anniversary and re-branding efforts
  • Launched Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation exhibition

  • Launched new (and current) website

  • Celebrated its 130th anniversary

  • All six Steelers Super Bowl trophies are displayed at the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.

  • Named an Accredited Museum by The American Association of Museums