History of Television Technology

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  • Electromechanical television (black and white)

    This was the first ever telelvision. Could show grainy moving images in black in white with no sound. Only the richest people had them.
  • Kinescope tube

    Help television quality. The first ever TV commercial is shown on this improved TV.
    (black and white, though)
  • Coaxial cable lines

    Now about 200 television sets are used worldwide. First ever TV programmes are invented with the Coaxial cable. Each table could hold 1 programme.
  • Color resolution TV (color)

    Color TV in HD now available! TV is becoming more popular.
  • Plasma Screen

    The first ever plasma screen TV invented. Much better quality of image and sound. There is now on average 1 TV in each house hold.
  • 3D TV!

    3D TV and cinema is available! You can now watch TV/movies with 3D glasses on. Effects make everything look real.
  • Blu-ray disks

    Now super good quality disks can be bought for home use with games and interactive activities. HD.
  • 4D Cinema

    Now in the cinema 4D movies! You can smell, hear, touch (almost) and.. everything?
  • Interactive DVD

    Movies are now sold on bluray with on screen games and quizzes.
  • Touch-screen TV

    You can now touch the screen of your TV for menu options, games and others.
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