History of Multilingual Competency in the United States

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Cherokee The U.S. signs a treaty with Cherokee tribes The U.S. signed a treaty in which it recognizes the Cherokees their rights to speak their native language. In 1828, the Cherokee people demanded rights to speak their native language. Cherokees established a 21 school educational system that used the Cherokee syllabrary to accomplish a ninety percent literacy rate in their native language.
Evt130110175000084 Ohio adopts bilingual education Schools were requested by parents to have bilingual education.
Mapa mexico 1842 Mexican territory is annexed to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe
Inside are more reminders of wind rivers painful past like this photo of native chil The federal government forces Native-American children to attend off-reservation schools. Native-Americans were banned from speaking their nattive language. They were forced to go to schools away from their reservation as a punishment for speaking their language.
Images First Antibilingual educaitonal legislation has passed
American spanish war U.S. wins Spanish-American War and colonizes Puerto Rico and the Philippines
Timeline Meyer vs. Nebraska The Supreme Court bans an English-only law in a case brought by German Americans.
Phi lamda alpha 1922 rpi Del Rio Independent School District v. Salvatierra
Images2 Lemon Grove v. Álvarez
Timeline Massive IQ testing of Puerto Ricans in New York is used to justify widespread school placement of Spanish-speaking children two to three years below grade level
Japanese internment Japanese-language schools are closed
Map florida cuba miami Bilingual Education was reborn
9 cuba Immigrants fleeing the Cuban revolution demand Spanish-language schooling
53585236 The Civil Rights Act: Title VI
Clip image001 10,000 Chicanos boycott schools in Los Angeles demanding bilingual education and more Latino teachers; boycotts spread across U.S.
3 ESEA Title VII offers funding for bilingual education programs. First bilingual kindergarten in New York City
1 A Group of non-speaking English Chinese students sued San Francisco Unified Schools district officials
Images4 Keyes v. School District No. 1, Denver, Colorado
Images5 The Equal Education Opportunities Act
Timeline Lau Remedies The May 25 (1975) Memorandum from the Office for Civil Rights (also called the Lau Remedies) mandated that school districts with more than 5 percent national-origin minority children must offer special language instruction for students with a limited command of English.
Timeline Ríos v. Read
Images7 Castañeda v. Pickard
6a00d8341bfae553ef012 Plyler v. Doe
Timeline Gómez v. Illinois State Board of Education
Images8 Florida Consent Decree
061204 0888 Williams et al. v. State of California et al
Images66 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA), Public Law 108-446
Img022 No Child Left Behind Act, Title III
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Méndez v. Westminster School District