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Timeline small square First Document Jesuit Missionary Jean de Brebeuf is the first to document the game of lacrosse
Timeline small square Rules Created A match between the Seneca and Mohawks results in the creating of basic rules.
Timeline small square Demostration Caughnawaga Indians demonstrate the sport in Montreal. The game is reported by the newspaper and, for the first time, white men are interested in the sport.
Timeline small square First Official Rules Dr. William George Beers, the father of modern lacrosse, finalizes the first set of playing rules for the Montreal Club.
Timeline small square Queen Victoria and College Team Queen Victoria watched and "endorses" a lacrosse game in Windsor, England. New York University is the first college in the United States to establish a lacrosse team.
Timeline small square First Tournament The first intercollegiate tournament is held at Westchester Polo Grounds in New York.
Timeline small square First Women's Game The first women's lacrosse game is played at St. Leonard's School in St. Andrew's, Scotland.
Timeline small square Olympics Lacrosse is first played as an exhibition sport in the Olympics in St. Louis. The United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse League is formed. Laurie D. Cox, William C. Schmeisser and Charles Lattig form a committee to develop a uniform code of operation for college lacrosse, and divide the colleges into north and south divisions.
Timeline small square Women's lacrosse The United States Women's Lacrosse Association (USWLA) is formed as the rule-making body for women's lacrosse.
Timeline small square New Stick Robert Pool introduces the first double-walled wooden stick, an early prototype for today's plastic sticks.
Timeline small square Position Change The men's field game positions change from goalkeeper, point, cover point, first defense, second defense, center, second attack, first attack and in home to goal keeper, attack, midfield and defense.
Timeline small square Men's NCAA Men's College lacrosse allies with the NCAA. The International Federation of Women's Lacrosse Association (IFWLA) is founded.
Timeline small square NCAA Women The first NCAA women's championship is played at Trenton State University between the University of Massachusetts and Trenton State University.