Hernando de Soto

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  • Oct 21st, 1496

    When Hernando de Soto was born

    In Jerez de los caballeros, Spain
  • Jan 10th, 1514

    Sails to Darien, Panama

  • Aug 14th, 1514

    Hernando de Soto left his family

    Moved to Seville, Spain
  • Nov 14th, 1524

    Hernando de Soto takes part of the conquest of Nicaragua

  • Jul 6th, 1531

    Pizarro and De Soto begin the conquest of Peru

    Conquered the Inca
  • Feb 28th, 1532

    Hernando de Soto's army left Puna

  • Sep 12th, 1536

    Returned to Spain with Inca treasure

  • Oct 6th, 1537

    Sent to North America to conquer what is now Florida

  • Jul 28th, 1539

    De Soto, 600 soldiers, and 100 servants landed in Tampa Bay,Florida

  • Jun 17th, 1541

    Hernando de Soto reaches the Mississippi

  • May 21st, 1542

    When Hernando de Soto died

    He died of a sickness