Hernando de Soto

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Timeline 21st Oct, 1496 When Hernando de Soto was born In Jerez de los caballeros, Spain
Timeline 10th Jan, 1514 Sails to Darien, Panama
Timeline 14th Aug, 1514 Hernando de Soto left his family Moved to Seville, Spain
Timeline 14th Nov, 1524 Hernando de Soto takes part of the conquest of Nicaragua
Timeline 6th Jul, 1531 Pizarro and De Soto begin the conquest of Peru Conquered the Inca
Timeline 28th Feb, 1532 Hernando de Soto's army left Puna
Timeline 12th Sep, 1536 Returned to Spain with Inca treasure
Timeline 6th Oct, 1537 Sent to North America to conquer what is now Florida
Timeline 28th Jul, 1539 De Soto, 600 soldiers, and 100 servants landed in Tampa Bay,Florida
Timeline 17th Jun, 1541 Hernando de Soto reaches the Mississippi
Timeline 21st May, 1542 When Hernando de Soto died He died of a sickness