Haley Groff the 8th amendment

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Timeline Judicial system 1789 the colonies established the judicial system i was unable to find the date for this event
Timeline voting fot the 8th amendment on september 5th 1789 9 of 12 states voted on the 8th amendment
Timeline Electric chair in 1890 New York allowed their government to use the newly invented electric chair
p.s i could not find the exacxt month nor day
Timeline death penality in 1976 the death penality became constitutional
Timeline crime situations only in 1977 states declared that the 8th amendment only saficed for prison situations. so the amendment could not be used for paddling discipline in some schools
p.s i could not find the exact day nor month for this event
Timeline bail reform act i was not able to find the exact date for this even i could only find the year.
The bail reform act did not allow judges in non capital cases to consider the danger of defendants who committed further violent crimes after being released on personal recognizance.
Timeline violation in 2002 the court violated the 8th amendment by trying to execute mental prisoners
Timeline death penality in 2005 the death penaltiy became unconstitutional which means it violated the constitution and the 8th ammendment
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Ingraham vs Wright 237 schools started using cruel punishments for discipline