Gummy world

Timeline created by Iverdude
  • Pericles treaty signed

    General Squishy and General One-Tail met to sign treaty that will end their war, named after Athens general.
  • Gelatin Treaty

    Agrees to bind the two species in one harmonious country
  • Bear revolt

    The evil gummy bears disagree with agreement and invade gummy worm territory.
  • Integration Begins

    There is no longer a separation between gummy worm and bear.
  • Parliament begins

    Leaders of both species meet over official ways of government. And agree upon a monarchy
  • Wise Worm Wisdom

    The formation of a political view point created by the gummy worms to discus the ideals of a monarchy with a gummy bear as leader when the country should be equal between the two.
  • GB committee

    The GB committee forms among the Gummy Bears. They stand for the shared equality in the country.
  • 3W's and GB

    The two parties and draw together their own government with constitution and civil rights. With intention to overthrow current Monarchy.
  • Split War

    The fight between 3W's and GB against the monarchy begins. Rulers loyalist fight the citizens who want equality.
  • Sugar Meeting

    In order to avoid large scale war the king and civil party meet. Peace treaty is signed and workings for new government begins.
  • Start of PG

    The GB and 3W's change their committees to be one full name. People of the Gummies.
  • Finalization

    The final steps to actual harmonious government. A federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy.
  • Executive Branch

    In order to keep trained or qualified officials. The executive branch and judicial branch work as the same unit.
  • Period: to

    Gummy world