Growth of baby

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    Kilee Fisher and Elliot Davis. 5th period
  • Ovulation

    When the ova drops into the Fallopian tubes.
  • Conception

    The action of conceiving a child or a child being conceived.
  • Zygote

    Developing baby. First two weeks of pregnancy.
  • Embryo

    From the third to eighth week.
  • Fetus

    The eighth week until term.
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    Trimester 1

    Short description: Conception until the 12th week. Long description: Baby has just started to grow, has an aorta, bones and muscles. Mom becomes dizzy and has morning sickness. Has cravings and gains 2 to 4 pounds. 3 facts: eyelids form, fingers develop, all organs work.
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    Second Trimester

    Short: 12th week until 24th week.
    Long: The mother size and appetite increases. Its the most comfortable period for the mom. Baby moves a lot, can hear, is 4-6 inches long, weighs around 4-6 oz.
    3 facts: The baby has fingerprints, eyes are developed, sleeps and wakes.
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    Third Trimester

    Short: 24th week to the 40th week.
    Long: Baby practices crying, sucking and swimming. Lungs finish developing, and sheds lanugo. The mom experiences pain and large amounts of weight gain. Baby is born in this trimester.
    3 facts: Brian grows, eyes open, and baby gains 1/2 lb a week.