Growing Up

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Baby%20liilii Born Alyssa Jackson was born at 3:15 am. 3lb's 12oz
Images%20%281%29 Japan I moved to Japan when I was two. My dad was in the military.
Images%20%282%29 First Year in Band I joined the band when I was in the 6th grade. At Ransom Middle School.
Kaydaice First Nephew My first nephew Kaydaice was born.
Images High School Graduation 2009 Tate HighGraduated from J.M. Tate High School with a 3.82 top 20%, with 416 students in my class
24557 1142252215278 1796663552 267850 7084242 n Genisis Band BandWas part of the first marching band created at Concordia College
223767 1938238092395 1135670226 31696180 2079988 n Baby Ayla My first neice was born
Grad%202011 Graduation form College Graduated from Concordia College Selma with an AA degree
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