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Godzilla 1998 modern day birth Godzilla was born in 1954.
Review femgodzilla 1 why was godzilla made godzilla was made for a chialds action figure but it was to big and would scare kids so they took it off the market
Vs kingkong is godzilla going to be in a movie In 1979 godzilla was a pretty big hit so they came up with a movie
Godzilla 400 when was godzilla first filmed? The orginal film was in 1998
King kong tai gojira king kong vs  godzilla 14 GODZILLA IS A KILLER in the first fiml of godzilla godzilla fought king kong and won.
Godzilla 400 new godzilla In 2001 one they thought of making a new godzilla.
Timeline godzilla they decided to make a new godzilla vut not have king kong i tis one
Timeline godzilla they dicided that they should also have tons of vavvy godzillas
Timeline done new movie is out
Timeline godzilla and they thought it would be cool to make a scene in china