G321 Foundation Portfolio

Timeline created by Jennifer Hutton
  • Conventions

    Created a prezi on the conventions of Film oir
  • Brief History

    Created a prezi about the history and development of Film Noir
  • Pages

    Added pages to blog
  • Analysis

    Chosen clip and completed notes
  • Chosen clip for 9 frame analysis

    Started 9 frame analysis
  • Micro analysis

    Completed micro analysis
  • Begin title-timeline

    Chosen clip - Se7en.
  • Institutional research

    completed institutional research
  • Begin audience research

  • Title-timeline

    Completed title timeline of Se7en
  • Research

    Added each piece of research that every member of the group has completed
  • Began to take recce shots

  • Progress on Storyboard

    Done by Pauline
  • Progress of treatment sheet

    Done by Darren
  • Primary audience research

  • Secondary audience research

  • Call sheets

    completed call sheets
  • Treatment Sheet

  • Booked camera hire

  • Storyboard

    Completed and added to blog
  • Recce Shots

  • Started shooting schedule

  • Discussion on when to beging filming

    date set - 4th March 2013
  • Started animatic

    Started animatic
  • Completed shooting Schedule

    Completed and added to blog
  • Garageband

    Playing around with some sound on garageband to find a suitable soundtrack
  • Completed animatic

  • Logo

    Created our company logo
  • Begin filming

    Started shooting the film
  • First day of filming

  • Starting edit

  • Change storyboard

  • Edit rough cut

  • Rough Cut

    Rough cut completed and submitted
  • Reshoot Postponed

    Due to bad weather
  • Another reshoot day chosen

    new date - Wednesday 13th March
  • Filming

    Started filming our final cut
  • Soundtrack 1

  • Props List

    completed and uploaded
  • Editing Final Cut

    Editing - Day 2
  • Editing

    Second off last day
  • Final cut editied

    Final cut sequence has been pieced together, just sound and titles need to be added
  • Soundtrack 2

  • Animatic


    Completed and added to blog

  • Period: to