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G321 Foundation Portfolio

Timeline created by Jennifer Hutton
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline Conventions Created a prezi on the conventions of Film oir
Timeline Brief History Created a prezi about the history and development of Film Noir
Timeline Pages Added pages to blog
Timeline Analysis Chosen clip and completed notes
Timeline Chosen clip for 9 frame analysis Started 9 frame analysis
Timeline Micro analysis Completed micro analysis
Timeline Begin title-timeline Chosen clip - Se7en.
Timeline Institutional research completed institutional research
Timeline Begin audience research
Timeline Title-timeline Completed title timeline of Se7en
Timeline Research Added each piece of research that every member of the group has completed
Timeline Began to take recce shots
Timeline Progress of treatment sheet Done by Darren
Timeline Secondary audience research Completed
Timeline Primary audience research completed
Timeline Progress on Storyboard Done by Pauline
Timeline Call sheets completed call sheets
Timeline Treatment Sheet Completed
Timeline Booked camera hire
Timeline Storyboard Completed and added to blog
Timeline Started shooting schedule
Timeline Recce Shots Completed
Timeline Discussion on when to beging filming date set - 4th March 2013
Timeline Started animatic Started animatic
Timeline Completed shooting Schedule Completed and added to blog
Timeline Completed animatic
Timeline Garageband Playing around with some sound on garageband to find a suitable soundtrack
Timeline Logo Created our company logo
Timeline Begin filming Started shooting the film
Timeline First day of filming
Timeline Starting edit
Timeline Edit rough cut
Timeline Change storyboard
Timeline Rough Cut Rough cut completed and submitted
Timeline Reshoot Postponed Due to bad weather
Timeline Another reshoot day chosen new date - Wednesday 13th March
Timeline Filming Started filming our final cut
Timeline Soundtrack 1 Completed
Timeline Props List completed and uploaded
Timeline Editing Final Cut Editing - Day 2
Timeline Editing Second off last day
Timeline Animatic Completed
Timeline Soundtrack 2 Completed
Timeline Final cut editied Final cut sequence has been pieced together, just sound and titles need to be added
Timeline FINAL CUT Completed and added to blog
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description: