Forrest Gump Timeline

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In History
  • 1,980 BCE


    HIV/AIDS became big in the 1980s. People that had HIV/AIDS usually kept it a secret because people that had the disease were heavily discriminated. In the movie Jenny had HIV/AIDS and gave it to Forrest and is son.
  • 1,969 BCE

    Hippie Movement

    Hippie Movement
    It mainly started because of the Vietnam War. They were considered to be "in touch with Earth". They weren't heavy in religion but believed in the spirit of the Earth. They continued to have a peaceful attitude and nature even the taking several drugs.
  • 1,966 BCE

    Black Panthers

    Black Panthers
    Black Panthers believed in blacks being a superior race. "Black Power". This was around the civil rights time. Although they were given rights by the amendments. They were still not allowed in several locations.
  • 1,955 BCE

    Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    It was a war on communism between the USSR and the US. It had lasted over the span of three presidents (Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon)and ended in 1975. It began many anti-war movements such as the hippie movement.
  • Elvis "Hound Dog"

    Elvis "Hound Dog"
    Elvis is a famous american singer, actor, and, musician. Elvis stayed at the Gumps bed and breakfast. While he plays his guitar for Forrest Gump, he then takes his style of dancing and names it "Hound Dog".
  • School Racial Integration

    School Racial Integration
    This was supposed to end segregation in the schools. Black schools were created for black students. The Brown vs. board of education case ruled that school segregation was unconstitutional and then desegregation came into place.
  • JFK Assassination

    JFK Assassination
    He is the 35th president and was net by Forrest Gump. All the players of the All-American football team from the University of Alabama met JFK. Later in the movie, Forrest references JFK's death and his brother Robert Kennedy.
  • Robert Kennedy Assassination

    Robert Kennedy Assassination
    When Robert Kennedy was running for president he was highly involved in civil rights. He gained popularity within the minority votes. He was shot and killed in 1968.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    When Forrest leaves the Vietnam War the Apollo 11 was being worked on. While Forrest was playing ping-pong, the landing of Apollo on the moon was being televised and was being showed on the TV in the room. Everyone's attention was focused on Forrest due to his amazing skill in Ping-Pong.
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  • Hurricane Carmen

    Hurricane Carmen
    Hurricane Carmen was a major hurricane in the Atlantic. The hurricane destroyed the shrimping industry of Bayou La Batre. Although this storm was strong, it did not complete destroy Gump's boat Jenny. Gump was able to continue in fishing shrimp and prospered greatly after the competition was gone.
  • Apple Production

    Apple Production
    Apples Inc. designs consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. In the movie Lieutenant Dan invested a portion of the money from the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company into Apple. Forrest gained mass wealth because of this investment.
  • Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Reagan Assassination Attempt
    Ronald Reagan was the 40th President and was shot on March 30 1981 but was not killed. John Hinckley was the man the attempted to kill Reagan and was televised on the day Forrest gets a letter from Jenny. Forrest Gump meets the man who tried to kill Reagan, John Hinckley.