Foothills Mall Timeline

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  • Mall ground breaking

    » Everwest, a partnership between Everitt Enterprises and Westcor, a Phoenix development company, breaks ground on new regional shopping mall.
  • Sears is the biggest

    Sears is the biggest
    » The 80,000-square-foot Sears becomes the largest retail store in the city.
  • Foothills Fashion Mall opens

    » Foothills Fashion Mall opens. Size: 336,000 square feet; Anchors: Sears, 80,000 square feet; The Denver, 52,000 square feet; May D&F, 50,000 square feet.
  • J.C.Penney expands

    » J.C.Penney builds 62,000-square-foot expansion
  • Foothills Mall grows

    » Foothills grows from 450,000 square feet with 60 to 65 stores and one hallway to 600,000 square feet, 120 stores and multiple hallways as part of a $40 million redevelopment plan that adds Mervyns to the south side.
  • Foley’s merger

    » May department stores merge with Foley’s and rename all 11 Colorado stores.
  • Foothills Mall shows aging

    Foothills Mall shows aging
    » Bricks from Foothills Mall’s west entrance slide from the roof, one of the first signs the mall is aging.
  • Foothills Mall is sold

    » Foothills Mall is sold to General Growth Partners, which promises major renovation. Gart Sports announces it’s closing
  • Mervyns announces closures

  • J.C.Penney’s relocates

    J.C.Penney’s relocates
    » J.C.Penney’s moves out to a freestanding store on South College Avenue, the former Shopko building.
  • Tax incentives approved

    Tax incentives approved
    » City Council approves tax incentives for Foothills Mall redevelopment.
  • Tax incentives lost

    » City Council pulls the plug on tax incentives for Foothills Mall citing lack of progress on redevelopment.
  • Mall owner files bankruptcy

    Mall owner files bankruptcy
    » GGP files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • City drafts redevelopment plan

    » City unveils a draft of a consultant’s report on redevelopment of Midtown Corridor, including Foothills Mall, at a public meeting.
  • GGP emerges from bankruptcy

    » GGP emerges from bankruptcy and renews talks with Fort Collins city officials about redevelopment.
  • J.C. Penney's razed; Dillard’s coming to mall

    J.C. Penney's razed; Dillard’s coming to mall
    » The vacant J.C.Penney’s store at the mall is razed.
    » City unveils preliminary timetable for redevelopment and plans to bring Dillard’s to the mall.
  • City submits redevelopment plan

    » City Manager Darin Atteberry sends preliminary redevelopment plan and draft of a financial model to GGP
  • Perkins restaurant demolished

    Perkins restaurant demolished
    » Demolition starts on the former Perkins restaurant on College Avenue in front of the mall to clear the way for Corner Bakery. The property is owned by GGP.
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    Foothills Mall Timeline

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    2012 Preliminary redevelopment timeline

    » 2012: Decommision the back aisle and Mervyn’s building.
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    2013 Preliminary redevelopment timeline

    » 2013: Refresh the common area, rebuild the food court, update the exterior with $15 million total investment.
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    2014 Preliminary redevelopment timeline

    » 2014: Construct 50,000 square feet of new space at the main entrance, outward facing.
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    2016 Preliminary redevelopment timeline

    » 2016: Demolish back aisle, reconfigure/construct a new aisle perpendicular to the first leading to a new anchor, likely Dillard’s.