First Man in Space

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Ncss NCSS is Founded The NCSS is of major importance to educators today, I learned all about it in college.
Ph Pearl Harbor Social Studies for Kids Pearl Harbor was when Japan attacked the American Navy on the coast of Hawaii. It is the main reason the US decided to join the WWII fight.
Adgasdga First Satellite Launched (Sputnik, Russia) This was a big deal for space exploration, but again to the American's displesure, Russia was the one to launch it.
First man space First Man in Space (Yuri Gagarin, Russia) The first man to ever enter space was a Russian, much to America's displeasure. In America's defense, we did reach the moon first.
Index First Man on the Moon (Neil Armstrong, USA) While the Russians were the first in space, America was the first on the moon. "One small step for mankind, one large step for humanity." Or something like that. :)
Watergate Watergate This was the biggest scandal to ever reach the whitehouse. It lead to an impeachment.
Indexjkh World Trade Centers Attack A historic day in modern history, a terrorist attack involving 3 hijacked airplanes. Ask your parents, they could tell you exactly where they were when it happened.
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WWI In World War I it was a bloody war with airplanes that had no way of saving the pilot if struck. Also, Germany got the but end of the deal.

Great Depression This was the time in America's existance that FDR made up a variety of tasks and jobs to finance our penniless country so that we could buy bread.

WWII Adolf Hitler massacred millions of Jewish people in creul ways. It took too long for other countries to become involved, Hitler had become too powerful, and it was really a war for the world.

Korean War While Miss Lyon does not know about this war, I know that some of your grandparents and great grandparents fought in it.

Civil Rights Separate but equal was not true, and MLK Jr. fought for true equality not by using violence. He died for the cause.

Vietnam This was a war that happened where many say that it wasn't a war. It is disrespectful because of the many who lost their lives.

N.C.L.B. mandate in schools This was President George W. Bush's plan to help education in America. What has good roots has backfired a bit for our country.