fashion through the years.

Timeline created by echo'may
  • 1950's fashion

    1950's fashion
    the fashion in the 1950's included women usually wearing suits in pastel colours with short boxy jackets and over sized buttons.
    for evening wear they would usually pick out long gowns with a tight fitted waist or long capri trousers.
  • 1960's fashion.

    1960's fashion.
    in the 1960's both women and men wore frayed bell-bottemed jeans, tie-dye shirts and headbands, they were invloved in the 'hippie' look which also uncluded wearing sandles.
  • 1970's fashion

    1970's fashion
    the 70's fashion carried on from where the 60's left off.
    mini skirts and flower power was popular everywhere, trousers were flared and shirts had to have big collars.
    evening wear for the 70's woul have been a plain suit or a long gown.
  • 1980's fashion.

    1980's fashion.
    in the 80's the hippi look took off even bigger than before everyone was in illumonous leggins, skirts, tights, legwarmers, glasses and even belts!
  • 1990's fashion.

    1990's fashion.
    18 year old girls often dressed and made themselves up to look as old as their mothers. adoption of tattoos,body piercings aside from ear piercing,women wore tight-fitting trousers with elastic boot-straps, denim button down shirts, oversized jumpers, t-shirts etc, women also wore cowboy boots and dolly shoes.
  • fashion in 2000

    fashion in 2000
    Dressy, feminine styles more unisex styles of the 1990s, women wore denim miniskirts, burberry, hip-hop inspired sweatpants. More women were wearing dresses and skirts more than trousers and shorts. headbands, denim-print leggings, knitted sweater dresses and the colours yellow, orange and hot pink were very popular.
  • Period: to

    fashion from the 1950's.