Fashion in the 1960s

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Dress swing mw 60 The "boufant" look During this year:1960, women began wearing a dress known as the "bouffant" look. This dress was where the top part was tight, and the skirt of the dress puffs out.
Beehive The beehive During this year the popular hairstyle became known as: the beehive. Where people teased their hair and piled it onto their head. This was a big hit. Women also began wearing pants at around this time.
The velvet underground 002 The beatnik Also known as the beat look, this was a time of black everything. This look included black berets, black slacks that were tight on women and dark glasses. Women also wore dark eye makeup. Men wore sandals.
Beatles suit The Beatles Cardin designed the Beatles suits which became popular for men. The suit had a single breasted collarless jacket and slim pants.
1960%20b The bikini The bikini came into fashion after being featured in a film called: Beach Party.
Tumblr ln5sn3ygit1qh1z3go1 400 Mary Quant Mary Quant started her own label, and designed mini skirts, coloured tights, and wet look vinyl fashions.
Andre picnik The space age! Space age clothing starts to become popular. Different materials were used such as discs of metal or plastic linked together with wire. Leather is also used. Metallic or neon colors were used as the main colous on the clothing.
Elvis e1308196307917 Mens hairstyles Men began wearing haircuts like: the pompadour and flattop. Then later in the year men began wearing sideburns.
Img thing Bright clothing Bright clothing is now a hit. Colors (acid colors) are brighter and bolder. Men begin to dress "fancy".
Fashionfaces 600 Ethnic fashion Ethnic fashions begins to spread. The ethnic look is clothing picked up from other cultures.
Janisjoplinwoodstock661x750 2 The "Hippie" look Skirts begin to lengthen out, along with hair. The "Hippie look" is now popular. The women wore long floor length dresses and skirts called maxies. Men continued to grow their hair longer. Hippies decorated everything, including painting their bodies.
1960 angela davis afro bhm 450a021409 The afro African-American hairstyles for men and women including the afro were introduced at this time.