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Events Leading Up to Vietnam War

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Ho%20chi%20minh Ho Chi Minh Creates a Provisional Government Ho Chi Minh creates the provisional government called the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam after Japan surrenders to the allied forces. The Vietnminh now has power in Vietnam.
Ho%20chi%20minh%201 Ho Chi Minh Declares Independence in Vietnam Independence declared. The British try to give the power to the French.
Timeline French and Vietminh Negotiate Over Vietnam Decide the Vietnam is a free state in teh French Union. Now French troops occupy Vietnam.
Firstindo Indochina War Begins The Democratic Republic of Vietnam launches first attack against the French.
Timeline Elysee Agreement Signed French agree to help aid in the building of an anti-Communist army in Vietnam.
China russia Chinese and Soviets Will Help Aid Vietminh Offer weapons to aid militarty. Supporting communism.
Timeline US Decides to Send Money to Aid French US sends $15 million of military aid and assistance to France in Indochina war. Supporting anti-Communist French.
Dien bien phu Battle Of Dien Bien Phu Lasts until May. French defeated and get driven out of Vietnam.
Geneva conference1954 Geneva Conference Begins Vietnam is divided at the 17th parallel. North of this line, Vietnam is controlled by the communist Vietminh and Ho Chi Minh. South of this line is governed by Ngo Dinh Diem and the State of Vietnam. The United States never actually agrees to this.
Laos map pic2 France Gives Laos Independence After France falls at Dien Bien Phu, Laos is given independence from France. Outside countries are pressuring Laos to become communist or anti-communist. Vietminh forces move into Laos and spread communist propoganda.
Timeline Diem Does Not Respect the Conditions of Geneva Accords Diem refuses to participate in a nationwide election for the new ruler, because he knows that he will lose.
Hochiminhtrailmap Ho Chi Minh Trail Used to Transport Weapons A trail of complex routes is created through Vietnam's neighboring countries. Weapons and people for the North Vietnamese army were sent from North Vietnam into South Vietnam.
Jfk2 JFK Elected President John F. Kennedy beat Richard Nixon in a close election for the presidency.
Diem Coup Attempt Against Diem Members of ARVN attempt to overthrow Diem, but fail. The people did not like his autocratic rule and how he would promote his close family members for government jobs. Diem survives the coup.
Vietcong Vietcong is Formed The National Liberation Front is formed by Hanoi to use against South Vietnam. Diem calls this army the Vietcong.
36 lbj 1 LBJ Tours Saigon Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson, meets with Diem in Saigon. He agrees to send 20,000 men for army.
Timeline Counter-Insurgency Plan JFK decides to help South Vietnam by sending money, training of troops and weapons.
Timeline JFK sends General to Vietnam Kennedy sends Genereal Maxwell Taylor to Vietnam. Taylor recommends sending combat troops, but Kenneddy does not approve.
Vietnam war soldier Battle of Ap Bac Vietcong deafeats South Vietnamese Army at the Battle of Ap Bac.
Fire5e2 Buddhist Protests Diem does not allow Buddhists to hang flags when celebrating Buddha's brithday, so there is a riot. Several Buddhists get killed. Oe person burns himself to death in protest. This shocks the American people and JFK.
Timeline Second Attempt at a Coup Against Diem Members of the South Vietnamese Army overthrow Diem. Diem and his brother are assassinated after this.
Jfk firstshot Kennedy Assassinated JFK is assassinated in Dallas. Warren Commission says he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, but other evidence leads to many conspiracy theories. Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the next president. Unlike Kennedy, Johnson will become much more active in the war with Vietnam.