Events Leading to WWII

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Armisticetrain %28slight crop%29 WWI Ends An armistice between the Allied powers and Germany was signed on this day, signaling the end of World War 1. Along with accepting defeat, the Germans had to cease all fighting, withdraw all German troops to behind their own borders, exchange prisoners, pay reparations, and give warships and submarines to the Allied powers.
Ss worst inflation germany wallpaper Low economic growth, mass unemployment and high inflation This occurred as a result of the treaty of Versailles and continued for many years. All of these things contributed to the support of extremist parties in Germany in the future.
Timeline Hitler goes to German Workers party On this date, Hitelr went to a meeting of the Germany Workers party and joined. During these meetings, Hitler began to think in a very extremist way due to the speeches he listened to while in this group.
Bild12 Allies present final reparation bill The Allies presented Germany with a final reparation bill of 132 billion marks. They also told Germany that if they failed to pay the reparations, they would be invaded.
Pger1000 Monthly Average Circulation of Reichsbank Notes 1,984 milliard marks (1,984,000,000,000)
Inflation 1 Inflation begins to occur Inflation began to get out of control during the summer of 1923. After the war, Germany experienced deficit spending. To pay for the reparations, they printed money like crazy. As a result, they experienced an enormous amount of inflation, widespread hunger and malnutrition, and they wiped out the middle class.
Dscf6270 Monthly Average Circulation of Reichsbank Notes 17,291 Milliard Marks (17,291,000,000,000)
Bundesarchiv bild 119 1486, hitler putsch, m%c3%bcnchen, marienplatz Beer Hall Putsch This is Hitler's first attempt to overthrow the government. He attempts to overthrow the government of Munich, Bavaria, and the rest of Germany. He starts revolts and then stages a march to Berlin. Some of his men are killed, and Hitler is wounded and captured. As a consequence, he is sent to prison for 9 months where he helps to write Mein Kampf.
013 001 Average Monthly Circulation of Reichsbank Notes Milliard Marks 496,500,000,000 (496,500,000,000,000,000,000)
Depression stock market crash 1929 U.S. Stock Market Crashes When Wall Street crashed, the United States gave Germany 90 days to repay the debts they owed. Companies throughout Germany went bankrupt and workers were layed off in the millions. Inflation was completely out of hand at this point.
Smc Hitler Named Chancellor Hitler was offered Chancellorship by Hindenburg. This meant that Hitler was the legal head of the government, and the only person who had more power than him was HIndenburg, who would pass away shortly after. This was the begin of Nazi Germany.
Reichstag fire 1933 Reichstag Fire This was an arson attack on the Reichstag building. Though many people believe it was caused the Hitler and the Nazis, Hitler blamed the Communists in an attempt to gain even more power and acceptance from the people. After this event, Hitler got the emergency decree, which limited free speech and press. He also passed the enabling act, which suspended the constitution and let him rule by decree.
Reichstag%20fire%20decree Reichstag Fire Decree Allowed German government to ignore all and any rights of the German people for the protection of the country.
220px ~1 Enabling Act of 1933 Allowed government to pass laws without parlamentary consent.
Timeline The Nazis were put in charge of the government On this date, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local governments in the provinces of Germany.
Timeline New laws in favor of Nazi party On this date, a law was passed making it illegal to form a new political party. It also made the Nazi party the only legal political party in Germany. This made it so that the Nazi party had no opposition whatsoever. They had complete control of the entire country of Germany.
Triumph of the will stadium shot Germany Rearmament Germany disobeys the the treaty of versailles and begins to rearm.
Rhineland Germany Reoccupies the Rhineland Germany disobeys the treay of versailles once again and reocuppies the Rhineland.
Untitled Germany invades Poland Germany invaded Poland, officailly marking the beginning of World War 2.
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Events leading up to WW2