End of days

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Timeline EVENT 1 A sattilate was lanched into the orbit towards Jupiter the giant and came back years later with a messge saying " I'm coming back I'm coming home and I'm not coming alone. This message was sent to all of mankind.
Timeline EVENT 2 Sheppared gets stripped from his home draged out of his bed by men who are armed and taken to a jet by car in his pyjamas and the jet is going to swizerland but he dose not know that until he has arravied
Timeline EVENT 3 Sheppared meets his old freind Andrew Markell also know as Dr.Markell. Andrew has faked his death in a car accident to come to the International Areospace Research Institute (IARI) to sudy about the astriod that will hit earth. Shaeppared was taken here to study about it as well as his old friend Andrew Markell is doing now
Timeline EVENT 4 Sheppard talks to Dr.Hay and Donhue to talk about why Sheppard is here. Dr.Hay ofers Sheppard a place here at the IARI
They talk about the astriod that is racing towards earth and ofer him to study it and try stop it with all the other people who have been recrutied by them
Timeline EVENT 5 As the richest man on the planet Joshua Fichett holds press confrence regarding the IARI trying to kidnap him and tske him to the Insitute they are in but Joshua's task forces held them off he thiks they nedd him for his intellagence or the exacute him.
Timeline EVENT 6 Joshua dies when his house goes on fire.
Timeline EVENT 7 Police Gordon and Ramsey are after a boy name William Philips
but instead they find a boy named Billy.
Timeline EVENT 8 The cops figure out that Billys name is actually William Robert Philips and hand him over to athorized personnel Dr. Amanda Miller. Then she takes Billy to Idaho. They go through a holograpic rock and meet a old man there.
Timeline EVENT 9 Billy is taken too Idaho and meets a old man andthey talk about the sattlate that was launched years ago towards the orbit of Jupiter and it is on it's way back to earth with a metor racing towrds us. And that will explian the message I'm not coming alone which ment the metor.
Timeline EVENT 10 That old man is actually Joshua Fichett the wolrds richest man
who was supossed to die in his house fire. He was fakeing his death the whole time. He knew that the IARI was going to try come after agian so he had faked his death the whole time and has setup a institute to stop the astroid from hitting earth
Timeline EVENT 11 Billy is ofered a job at Joshua's institute and Billy has exepted the job
Timeline EVENT 12 Billy meets a girl named Cristina who is a help to this Institute because of her many languages she knows such as Arabic English and more Cristina is Billys tour guide
Timeline EVENT 13 Cristina gives atour of where billy will be working
Timeline EVENT 14 It is T minus seven minutes until they launch the rockets to try and destroy the astroid. but one of them goes wrong because of Parker. He did this because nobody will listen to him. Right after that Parker comits suicide
Timeline EVENT 15 They still manage to destroy the astroid. And they sent Billy up into space with the rockets while Sheppared and Joshua are under ground. They had sent Billy up because of his rare gifts that is Leadership.
Timeline EVENT 16 This is what Billy said when the astroid was destroyed
I see it happening The fragments hitting earth from the desroyed
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