Eleanor Roosevelt

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Timeline A Humanitarian is Born Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City as the daughter of Anna Rebecca Hall and Elliott Roosevelt. She was the oldest of three children and lived a shy childhood.
Timeline Eleanor's mother dies In 1892 Eleanor's mother Anna Rebacca Hall passed away, so Eleanor and her brothers went to live with their grandmother.
Timeline Eleanor Looses her father In 1894, only two years after his wife, Elliott Roosevelt died. Elliott was the younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt and died of alcoholism. This greatly affected Eleanor due to her close realtiomship with her father.
Images Eleanor's Boarding School Experience In 1898 Eleanor atttended Allenswood Girl's Academy which was near London, England. It was there that she was greatly influenced by her headmaster and learned a lot about social activism.
Ele Eleanor Marries Franklin In 1905, Eleanor married her distant relative Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, which led her into her life as a political leader.
Timeline Eleanor Supports the African American Soldiers During World War II, Eleanor Roosevelt suppported the rights of African American soldiers. For example, she supported men such as the Tuskegee Airmen to train to become fighter pilots.
Timeline Eleanor Stands Up For Women In 1925 Eleanor Roosevelt testified in a court case for shorter hours each day for women and children for the Women's Trade Union League in front of the New York State Legislature.
Timeline Eleanor Becomes America's First Lady In 1933 Eleanor's husband, Franklin Roosevelt was elected president. This made Eleanor the United State's First Lady. It was in this position that she helped protect human rights.
Timeline The Freedom House is Created! In 1943 during WWI many people felt threats towards democracy, so Elelanor Roosevelt and a colleague created the Freedom House to promote democracy and freedom in the world.
200px er fdr campobello 1903 Eleanor's Spouse Dies In 1945 Franklin died in office of polio, Eleanor continued to have a large interest in politics.
Timeline The Universal Delaration of Human Rights is Born In 1948, Eleanor created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which gave life, liberty, and equality internationally for all people no matter what race, religion or color.
Anna eleanor roosevelt The World Looses a Leader On Novermber 2, 1962, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt died in her apartment in Manhattan.She died from a disease known as aplastic anemia, this lead to bone marrow tuberculosis.
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Eleanor's Life Span Eleanor Roosevelt was a women who influnced the world in many ways. She lived a life of love and compassion.