El Crystal School by 2020

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Ipad Classroom Pedagogy: Flipped Re-Designing Learning in a Flipped ClassroomCome the Revolution by Thomas L. FriedmanThe plan for El Crystal School beginning with the 12/13 school year is to gradually implement iPads as budget allows; provide for 'Flipped' Classrooms; move away from printed texts; have students create books using iAuthor; have teachers create their own textbooks with iAuthor; and, have students store their projects in digital portfolios to share with each other, the public, and their parents.
Unknown Implement iPads in Grades 3, 4, 5, & 6 Apple Education Store
Staff has decided to implement iPads on a lower scale in the upper grade classrooms during the first year. In the subsequent year, implementation will spread to other grade levels.
Photo candybars large School-Wide 1:1 Implementation of iPads Various financial resources need to be mined and cultivated to make this a reality including use of categorical funds, grant writing, and use of BYOD or family financing.
100 3309 Grade Level Structure Dropped; Age Grouping Implemented
100 3438 Project-Based Learning Key Instructional Component
100 0714 All Students Create & Maintain ePortfolios These will replace report cards and be an essential part of parent/student/teacher meetings for setting of learning goals.