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4iaea epa Atomic Energy Act After the power of the atomic bomb was shown, congress made the Atomic Energy Act. It's the fundamental U.S. law which lays the boundaries for both civilian and military uses of nuclear materials
Nato logo NATO created NATO The United States, Canada and western European nations open talks on a defense pact in response to the Soviet blockade on Berlin, tightening the communist grip on eastern Europe.
Nato logo NATO is ratified In 1949 the US, Canada, and ten other cuntries formed a new military alliance called the North Atlantic Treaty Oranganization (NATO). In 1955 the Soviet Union responded by forming their military alliance, the Warsaw Pact.
4iaea epa Atoms For Peace Speech Eisenhower's speech confronting the government about nations stockpiling and testing atomic bombs and other weapons.
Nato logo USA, Britain, and France reject Russia in joining NATO
Dot seal DOT: Wiley-Dondero Act DOT President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law the Wiley-Dondero Act, which created the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, a wholly owned government corporation, to construct, operate and maintain that part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway between Montreal and Lake Erie, within the territorial limits of the United States
Warsaw pact symbol i2 WARSAW Pact Created The Warsaw Pact was the military alliance of the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslavakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania, formed as a defensive counterpart to NATO. It called for a unified military command and Soviet troops stationed in the other states in the Pact. Used to suppress uprisings in Poland and Hungary, the Warsaw Pact scared the NATO countries, and these two coalitions almost started a third world war.
Nato logo West Germany Joins NATO
Dot seal Federal-Aid Highway and Highway Revenue Acts of 1956 DOT Eisenhower signed into law the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 and the Highway Revenue Act of 1956, authorizing the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, and creating the Federal Highway Trust Fund.
Warsaw pact symbol i2 East Germany Joins Warsaw Pact
Warsaw pact symbol i2 Hungary leaves Warsaw Pact
Dot seal DOT: Federal Aviation Act of 1958 DOT Eisenhower signed into law the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, establishing the Federal Aviation Agency (Administration, after the DOT Act passed), to take effect on January 1, 1959. In addition, the bill freed the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) from its administrative connections with the Department of Commerce.
Dot seal DOT: Saint Lawrence Seaway formally opened DOT Saint Lawrence Seaway formally opened, having opened for business on April 25. On June 26, Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the St. Lawrence Seaway; Queen Elizabeth and Vice-President Richard M. Nixon attended dedication ceremonies at Massena, New York, the following day.
Dot seal National Driver register Act Eisenhower signed the National Driver Register Act into law.
Dot seal DOT: Department of Transportation formally created DOT The United States Senate Committee on Commerce issued a staff report on National Transportation Policy, commonly known as the Doyle Report, calling for, among other things, the establishment of a Department of Transportation.
Nato logo NATO condems Berlin Wall Also backs the stance of Western Powers in Berlin
Nato logo NATO: The U.S. and Britain agree to contribute part of their strategic nuclear forces to NATO.
Dot seal Establishment of a cabinet position Federal Aviation Agency administrator Najeeb E. Halaby recommended the establishment of a Cabinet-level department of transportation, of which the FAA would be an element. In part, Halaby had become frustrated with the Defense Department assuming greater control over supersonic transport (SST) decision-making
Nato logo France leaves NATO French President Charles de Gaulle pulls France out of NATO's integrated military structure.
Nato logo NATO denounces the Warsaw Pact's crushing of Czechoslovakia's "Prague Spring."
Nato logo NATO approves the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe. Cruise and Pershing II theater nuclear weapons approved
Nato logo Spain becomes NATO's 16th member
Nato logo Soviet minister visits NATO Eduard Shevardnadze becomes the first Soviet foreign minister to visit NATO headquarters.
Nato logo NATO summit A NATO summit in London offers political and military cooperation to new democracies in eastern Europe.
Nato logo NATO supports UN resolution NATO supports a U.N. resolution demanding Iraq withdraw from Kuwait, but does not get involved in the U.S.-led coalition fight in the Gulf War against Iraq.
Warsaw pact symbol i2 Warsaw Pact Dissolved
Nato logo NATO peacekeeping in Bosnia NATO enforces a no-fly zone over Bosnia
Nato logo Partnership for Peace NATO launches its "partnership for peace" outreach program for eastern European nations
Nato logo NATO strikes in Bosnia NATO launches a series of air strikes against Bosnian Serbs shelling Sarajevo
Nato logo NATO deployment in Bosnia NATO deploys 60,000 peacekeepers in Bosnia
Nato logo NATO generals order plan for allies military extension in Bosnia
Nato logo NATO action in Kosovo NATO begins air strikes against Yugoslavia over its military actions in Kosovo. Russia opposes the move and freezes ties with NATO.
Nato logo NATO: Yugoslavia agrees to remove troops feom Kosovo After 78 days of airstrikes, Yugoslavia agrees to pull troops from Kosovo. NATO shifts operation to lead a peacekeeping mission in the province
Nato logo NATO declares 9/11 attacks a strike against the whole alliance For the first time, NATO invokes its mutual defense clause, declaring the attacks on New York and Washington to be an attack against the whol alliance
Nato logo AWACS surveilance planes patrol the US NATO AWACS surveilance planes start patrols over the UNited States, but the alliance is not given a direct role in the U.S. war against Afghanistan's Taliban
Nato logo Russia and NATO agree on special terms and Russia joins
Nato logo Russia helps fight WMD's NATO and Russia sign a sweeping agreement pledging cooperation against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction
4iaea epa US presses IAEA on Iran's Nuclear Activity IAEA Energy Agency to issue a statement of concern about nuclear activity in Iran. A senior State Department official says an IAEA report to be presented next Monday is consistent with U.S. allegations that Iran is developing nuclear weapons
4iaea epa IAEA to meet on Iran Nuclear Issue IAEA The governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency will meet to discuss a report that calls for further inspections of Iran's nuclear program. The report suggests Iran is constructing facilities that could give it the capability to make nuclear weapons
Nato logo NATO takes a command in Afghanistan NATO NATO takes command of Kabul-based peacekeeping in Afghanistan, its first "out of area" deployment
4iaea epa IAEA weighs action against Iran Iran has hidden a wide variety of nuclear activities. The Bush administration favors a non-compliance ruling and U.N. economic sanctions against Iran. But European countries and Russia support more surprise inspections by the IAEA.
4iaea epa IAEA Meets in Vienna to assess Iran's Nuclear Program two-day meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, and how the group plans to react to Iran's nuclear program.
4iaea epa Iran Downplays IAEA's Nuclear Find Iranian officials say misunderstandings about the scope of the investigation performed by the International Atomic Energy Agency have led inspectors to discover elements of Iran's nuclear technology program that it had failed to declare openly.
Nato logo NATO expands to 26 members Former communist states Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia join.
4iaea epa IAEA fears Iran actively seeking nuclear weapons Iran's nuclear ambitions and the international efforts to monitor them. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed concern that Iran is actively developing a nuclear weapons program.
4iaea epa IAEA Critical of Irans Cooperation on Nuclear Inspections The International Atomic Energy Agency, meeting in Vienna on Friday, approves a resolution strongly critical of Iran. The resolution deplores Iran's failure to fully cooperate with IAEA inspectors amid growing suspicions Tehran is pursuing a nuclear
4iaea epa Iran faces IAEA deadline to end nuclear program The International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to approve a resolution calling on Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program and setting a deadline for compliance. The resolution warns Iran of "future steps" if it fails to comply.
4iaea epa IAEA officials visit Brazil Nuclear Facility Officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency visit a uranium enrichment plant in Brazil, trying to resolve an impasse over inspections in the country. Experts believe the dispute could have implications for nuclear inspections in Iran.
4iaea epa IAEA meets again on Iranian Nuclear Program The International Atomic Energy Agency, meeting in Vienna, starts another round of talks on Iran's nuclear program. Iran says it has suspended its controversial uranium enrichment program as part of an agreement with three European powers
4iaea epa IAEA meets to consider Iran nuclear plans The International Atomic Energy Agency meets in Vienna to examine Iran's recent pledge to freeze its nuclear enrichment program. Washington has repeatedly accused Tehran of plans to develop nuclear weapons.
4iaea epa ElBaradei, IAEA to share Nobel Peace Prize The Nobel Committee announced Friday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its director, Mohamed ElBaradei, will share the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.
4iaea epa NATO approves expanding forces in Afghanistan Foreign ministers approve a plan to expand the alliance's peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.
4iaea epa Iran nuclear cheif meets IAEA officials Gholamreza Aghazadeh had been scheduled to meet Olli Heinonen, a deputy IAEA director general in-charge of Teheran's nuclear file, but a diplomat familiar with the meeting later said IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei joined in for at least part of the 90 minutes
4iaea epa Iran speeding up nuclear work Pace increases: The IAEA says Iran has ignored calls to halt nuclear enrichment. The world's nuclear watchdog says Iran has flouted a United Nations (UN) Security Council call to suspend uranium enrichment and is instead speeding the process along
4iaea epa Iran upholds "nuclear rights" as IAEA meets Iran said on Monday it would not compromise on its right to enrich uranium, without rejecting outright a demand by six world powers that it suspend its work on nuclear fuel in exchange for a package of incentives.
Nato logo NATO forces take over in south Afghanistan NATO forces take over security from the U.S.-led coalition in southern Afghanistan, embarking on one of the alliance's toughest ground operations in its history.
4iaea epa IAEA rebuffs Congress report on Iran IAEA says Congress report on Iran's nuclear capacity is erroneous and misleading · Claims about programme are 'unsubstantiated' · Leak shows watchdog detected five major errors
4iaea epa IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran 'dishonest' ABC News IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran 'Dishonest' IAEA Complains of 'Outrageous' Inaccuracies in U.S. House Committee Report on Iran. IAEA's Director General Mohamed ElBaradei arrives for the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) 35-nation board meeting.
4iaea epa IAEA group denies Iran's nuke request Thirty-five nations effectively agreed on Wednesday to deny Iran's request for technical help in building a plutonium-producing reactor at least for now but left room for Teheran to renew its request, diplomats said.
4iaea epa IAEA in talks with Iran after inspectors are blocked The International Atomic Energy Agency said it was discussing with Iran its demand to withdraw some nuclear inspectors but was confident it could continue monitoring the country's nuclear facilities.
4iaea epa IAEA: Iran still defying UN over uranium enrichment Iran persists in defying UN demands to stop enriching uranium and is expanding the work.
4iaea epa Iran invites IAEA team to help ease nuclear fears Iran has invited the International Atomic Energy Agency to send a team to agree how to resolve long-standing IAEA questions about Tehran's nuclear program.
4iaea epa Iran-IAEA agreements aim to remove ambiguities A Majlis deputy said here Tuesday that recent agreements between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency were aimed at stripping the Group 5+1 of any excuse and removing ambiguities of the IAEA.
4iaea epa Benazir Bhutto on giving the IAEA access to AQ Khan Bhutto was asked, "What are your views on AQ Khan and will you permit him to be interviewed by the West?" She replied, "While we do not agree at this stage to have any Western access to AQ Khan we do believe that the IAEA...would have the right to put questions to AQ Khan. That will satisfy them and give the world community greater confidence that the illegal structure has been broken and that no further dangerous repercussions for the world community come about due to those activities."
4iaea epa CNN Interview with head of IAEA on Iran 10/27 El Baradel says "Iran is not a threat. No need in ratcheting up the rhetoric."
4iaea epa IAEA sees progress but says Iran still enriching uranium Iran has made some progress in revealing the extent of its nuclear programme but is still defying UN demands that it suspend uranium enrichment
4iaea epa India, IAEA start talks for nuclear safeguards pact Vienna/India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Wednesday began crucial talks on finalising a safeguards agreement that will bring 14 Indian civilian nuclear reactors under global watch,
4iaea epa EU troika confirms Iran's cooperation with IAEA EU troika, inclusive of Germany, Britain and France, here Friday at IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, confirmed that Iran is effectively cooperating with the IAEA.
4iaea epa Russian-Chinese nuclear station safest in the world: IAEA The first-ever nuclear power station jointly built by Russia and China has officially been opened. China's Deputy Prime Minister attended the ceremony to mark the event. More than 150 Russian companies have been involved in building the plant in the Jiangsu province.
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Nuclear Arms Race The race between the US and the USSR (Russia) to gain the most powerful arsenal of h-bombs and missiles.

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Communist regimes crumble in central and eastern Europe.