EDRE 2204 Timeline

Timeline created by cheyanne13
  • Birth

    On Friday July 14, 1995 I was born at 7:45a.m. I was 7lbs and 11oz, and I was 21in long.
  • Big Sister

    Big Sister
    My Little Brother was born!
  • School Starts

    School Starts
    I attended McArthur Elementary for kindergarten in Mrs. Roysters class
  • Moved Schools

    Moved Schools
    I moved to Allensville Elementary my first grade year of school.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    In 2007 the new school petition passed and we got to attend Vinton County middle school in the 7th grade as the first "real Jr. High Class"
  • High School Started

    High School Started
    Freshman year of high school
  • Graduation

  • EDRE 2204

    EDRE 2204
    I'm really hoping that this class this semester helps me get a better understanding of literacy.
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    I cheered from second grade until my senior year of high school.
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    High School

    I attended Vinton County High School
  • Period: to


    I attended Shawnee State University after graduation.