Edgar Allan Poe

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  • The birth of the legend

    The birth of the legend
  • The death of his parents

    The death of his parents
    Elizabeth Poe and David Poe die of tuberculosis. Edgar goes to the Allan family.
  • Joining school

    Joining school
    Edgar enrolls in a school in England.
  • Back to home

    Back to home
    Edgar and the Allans return back to the USA
  • The begining of the career.

    The begining of the career.
    Edgar writes his first poem.
  • Going to college

    Going to college
    Edgar joins the Unitvesity of Virginia
  • Leaving the Alans

    Leaving the Alans
    After losing 2000$ at gambling, Alan refuses to give Edgar the money for the debt so Edgar leaves the family.
  • Joining the army

    Joining the army
    Edgar joins the US army under the name Edgar A. Perry
  • Publishing first poetry collection

    Publishing first poetry collection
    Edgar published his first poetry collection with the author "A Bostonian"
  • Death of foster mother

    Death of foster mother
    Frances Allan, Edgar's foster mother dies.
  • Second book of Poetry

    Second book of Poetry
    Edgar publishes his second book of poetry
  • The death of his brother

    The death of his brother
    Edgar's older brother, Henry dies of tuberculosis
  • Begiing of a career

    Begiing of a career
    Edgar works as an editor that publishes critical reviews of ther writers' works.
  • Marrige

    Edgar marries his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm
  • A new job

    A new job
    Edgar is hired as an editor at "Burton's Gentelman's Magazine"
  • First Novel

    First Novel
    Edgar publishes his first novel "The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym"
  • Publishes Tales Of The Grotesque And Arabesque

    Publishes Tales Of The Grotesque And Arabesque
    Edgar publishes his story collection "Publishes Tales Of The Grotesque And Arabesque"
  • Virginia's sickness

    Virginia's sickness
    Virginia started bleeding of her mouth which is one sign of tuberculosis.
  • Lecturing

    Edgar began giving lectures on poetry.
  • Nevermore

    Edgar publishes his poem "The Raven" which was widely successfull making him famous
  • The end of Virginia

    The end of Virginia
    Virginia dies of tuberculosis.
  • Second Love

    Second Love
    Edgar marries the poet Sarah Helen Whitman on the condition that he quits drinking but a month later he wasnt able to live to his promise so they left each other.
  • End of the trip

    End of the trip
    Edgar was found in the streets of Baltimore unconcious. He is taken to the hospital and dies with no known reason.