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Drug Testing

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Cu boulder small square CU third amendment program became effective. First, added alcohol, over the counter drugs and performance enhancing substances to its list .
Second, the term athlete was defined as students who participates with intercollegiate sports.
Third, random (REE) rapideye examination testing was substituted for random urinalysis. resonable suspicion.
Fourth, urine samples were to be collected within the athletic department facilities. checked for color, temperature.
Fifth, athletes were required to give their consent to realeasing test result
Cu boulder small square University of Colorado v. David Derdeyn
Cu boulder small square Decision Yes, the court decided that CU drug-testing program was unconstituional under the 4th Amendment. Agree that in the absence of coluntary consent, CU random, suspicionless urinalysis drug-testing of student athletes violates the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article II, Section 7, of the Colorado Constitution.
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Usa small square USADA begins operation
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