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  • Dre's First

    Dre's First
    Dr. Dre’s first ever group was called the world class wreckin cru with yella. He released a demo which was their first independent release and sold 50,000 copies. Dre left the wreckin cru in 1984 basically a year after he graduated high school because they wouldn’t do his songs and they always would pull him down by saying his songs wouldn’t make it on radio.
  • Dre's shot

    Dre's shot
    In 1985 Dre and Eazy-E made a group with E’s capitol and Dre’s talent. Their first project was called boyz-n-the-hood featuring E as the artist. They sold around 10,000 copies so they could finance their first single for there new group called N.W.A which had Dre, Eazy-E, Ice cube yella, M.C. Ren. Their first single was called Dopeman. They hit platinum with “Eazy-Duz-It” in the same year.
  • N.W.A’S successes

    N.W.A’S successes
    In 1989 the group released straight outta Compton and sold more than two million copies. The controversy behind the group ultimately lead to more success and money. Dre also produced the D.O.C who’s a rapper he found in Dallas, Texas. His record “No one can do it better” became number one on R&B album charts and reached platinum sales. Dre also released an album for his ex girlfriend, Michel’le and it went platinum
  • The leave of old and the coming of new

    The leave of old and the coming of new
    Dre left N.W.A in 1991 and left to go with suge knight because of payment issues. Suge knight exclaimed that ruthless records was paying Dre a substandard royalty rate and holding back pay. Apparently the only reason Eazy-E let Dre go was because suge threatened him using two men with baseball bats and pipes. Dre and suge founded a new company Death Row Records
  • Death Row

    Death Row
    Dre’s first solo effort “The Chronic” was completed when they made a partnership with Interscope records in 1992. People wouldn’t really give them a chance even though Dre had already shown his talent and proven he had it with major record sales in N.W.A. In 1993 “The Chronic” came to stores as Death Row’s first release, it sold 3 million copies and had eight months on the top ten billboard album chart. “Nuthin but a G thang” was Death Row’s first single and sold over a million copies.
  • Death Row’s success

    Death Row’s success
    The Chronic featured other rap artists from Dre’s “gang” like Snoop Dogg, Rage, RBX, Jewell, Nate Dogg, Daz, and Kurupt. Death Row released “Doggystyle” and it sold 800,000 in the first week of it’s release. In 1994 he received a Grammy for best solo performance. Other rappers you may know in this record label are The outlawz, MC hammer, young soldiers, sam sneed, LBC crew, Warren G, and Tupac.
  • Leaving again

    Leaving again
    Dre didn’t like the negative influences that Death Row had on his music. He felt that the record label was ruining his feeling of positivity because they kept getting themselves into trouble. It seemed that to make a record you needed to be mad at some- one. The world was stunned that Dre left the label.
  • The Final Destination

    The Final Destination
    Dr. Dre finally found where he should be, Where his creative musical genius can shine. Dre recruited 5 black women called “Dre’s Angels” he did this because just like Charles angles he wants to be heard not seen. The Aftermath’s first release had a lot of hip-hop and R&B artists. Dre’s only negative part of leaving Death Row was that he couldn’t work with his old crew like Snoop Dogg. Dre mad a strong return after the release of Eminem
  • New tech

    New tech
    Dre started this project back in 2001. The idea was beats. He had the idea to make different types of beats like “in ear” or “supra aural” he made 3 billion by selling to apple in 2014.
  • Vibe

    Now Dre is finally where he belongs and his success may have not happened if he wasn’t man enough to leave a place that had so many benefits but it was ruining his vibe.