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Absolutely innocent princess baby girl Birth Dorothea was born in Hampden, Maine. She was the first of three children.
Images Child Hood In Dorothea's child hood she had an abusive alcoholic father and had to care for her other two siblings. when she was 12 she decided to flee from her life and go live with her grandmother in Boston.
Images Growing up As Dorothea grew up with her wealthy grandmother she developed a sympathy for the poor and needy. She built a school in Boston which well to do families patronized. She then decided to help teach poor neglected children at home. But sadly her health spiraled down and she had to take a hobbie into writing books for children
Timeline Searching for a cure As her health became worse and worse Dorothea went off to England to search for a cure. She met the Rathbone family who were kind hearted enough to take her in as a guest. While she was in England she was exposed to the British lunacy movement.
Images Going back home After she came back home to the U.S. she decided to investigate ,state-wide in Massachusetts, the conditions and places that the insane poor were taken cared for. Disgusted by the people and how they treated the insane she wrote a letter to the legislature .I proceed, Gentlemen, briefly to call your attention to the present state of Insane Persons confined within this Commonwealth, in cages, stalls, pens! Chained, naked, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience".
Timeline On a quest She then headed out to New Hampshire and travled to Louisiana to investigate the conditions of the asylums there. Again the conditions were also unacceptable. She then started writing letters to the legislater to make funds to get better conditions for the people and more asylums
Timeline Making a statement Dorothea later traveled to Illinois to research and get a better understanding of the illnesses the insane had so she could write a report to the legaslture of all the states. Sadly she became ill for the winter but her report was ready for the legislature meeting in Janurary 1847. The legislatures then made the first mental hospital in Illinois
Index Being honored In North Carolina when the state established the State Medical Society they then decided to make a insitution for the mentally ill and in honor of Dorothea they named it the Dorothea Dix Hospital.
Images The Civil War In the civil war Dorothea was appointed Superintendent of Army Nurses by the Union Army. dorothea had the skills to teach the nurses but couldn't use them to her liking. She has a hard time teaching and training them.
Images Issues in the war Dorothea argued often with the male doctors over the right she get sin hiring and firing nurses and the control of medical facilities. She also dealt with critiscm and male doctors not wanting to work with a female nurse.
Timeline After the war After the war Dorothea resumed her quest to help close down insane asylums and help the disabled and mentally ill.
Timeline The end of her quest As Dorothea grew to old to care for herslef she moved to Nw Jersey and into the state hospital Marris Plains. The state had made her a suite for her to use for herself as long as she lived.
Images The end On July 17 Dorothea passed away and was buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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