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Disha's Tx Civil War Timeline

Timeline created by Marbear
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Timeline small square The Battle of Galveston 1. To stop the trade, the North started a blockade. 2. There were two steamboats, the Neptune and the Bayou City and they were turned into warships. 3. One of the steamboats, the Bayou City had captured one of the Union army's ships.
Timeline small square The Battle of Sabine Pass 1. Union leaders had made plans to invade Texas and they planned for their attack to be through the Sabine Pass. 2. To go to through the pass the Union army would have to get past the fort that only 40 men gaurded. 3. In this battle the Texans captured about 300 Union soldiers.
Timeline small square The Battle of Laredo 1. The Union soldiers wanted to burn the store of Cotton in Laredo. 2. Colonel Santos Benavides and his other texan soldiers fought the Union soldiers off. 3. The Union army was led by Alfred Holt in this battle.
Red%20river small square The Red River Campaign 1. The Union tried to invade Texas again and palnned to move the Red River to Louisiana. 2. The Union had hoped to ruin the Confederate factories at Henderson, Marshall, and Tyler. 3.The Union soldiers were under General Nathaniel P. Banks, and the Confederate soldiers were under Richard Taylor.
Timeline small square The Battle of Palmito Ranch 1. It was the final battle of the American Civil War. 2. The Union army attacked the Confederate army at Palmito Ranch. 3. Colonel Theodore H. Barret was in charge of the Union army for this battle.
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