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  • Saturday Night Live Debuts

    This was/is a topical comedy sketch show with a new guest host and musical act every episode. George Carlin was the host for the debuting episode. The show was created by Lorne Michaels. The show is broadcast from the Rockefeller Center in New York. History.com
    People were laughing and enjoying watching this late show. Families stayed up on Saturday nights to watch SNL. Families were bonding on their couches and watching this show. People felt joy when they watched this show.
  • Saturday Night Live Debut cont.

    This event shaped the way people do comedy. SNL pushed the boundaries on comedy. No comedy skit show or comedy show it self has been the same since the debut of Saturday Night Live.
    If I were at this event I would change nothing. The debut of the show is special in its own way and I would not want to change a thing. I would attend the event because it would have been fun to attend.
  • Apple Computer is Founded

  • Apple Computer founded cont.

    This event shaped the way computers and other electronics were made. This event also helped bring more technological advancements to the public. The company that came from this event (Apple) is the most technologically advanced companies on the planet.
    I would want to attend this event because it would have been amazing to see my favorite company be created. I also would have liked to have bought some stock knowing what would come.
  • The Challenger Exploded

    The date was January 28, 1986 11:38 a.m. The space craft the Challenger has just lift of the ground ready for space. When 73 seconds the shuttle explodes. All the crew members inside are dead. The crew members were Christa McAuliffe, Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Ron McNair, Judy Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, and Gregory Jarvis. The explosion happened at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
    This event is unique because this was the first space shuttle to explode.
  • The Challenger Explodes cont.

    The Challenger was the first ship to have the first pubic citizen on board. Everyone came remember what they were doing when the Challenger exploded.
    This event shaped the conditions the weather must be before the space shuttle can take off. Everyone still remembers the Challenger's explosion. Now that this has happened NASA officials can work out the right conditions for a shuttle to take off.
  • The Challenger Exploded cont.

    If I were at this event I would be terrified and remember what I saw. If I could change the event I would make the officials postpone the lift off til a warmer day. When the O-rings weren't cold and brittle.
  • Berlin Wall Fell

    The Berlin Wall has fallen. The wall constructed in 1961 is finally taken down in 1989. The wall symbolized the Cold War. The down fall of this wall was celebrated world wide. The wall was made to keep East Germans from West Berlin. The Soviet Union had the wall constructed. The East German government official Günter Schabowski commanded "Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR (East Germany) into the FRG (West Germany) or West Berlin." (thoughtco.com)
  • Berlin Wall Fell cont.

    The importance of this event is that the wall symbolized the Cold War and having it taken down is incredible. The Soviets had the wall constructed out of spite for all the people fleeing from their pat of Germany.
    This shaped the future by making Germany feel that starting two wars might have been a terrible idea.
    I would have wanted to be there to see it open. It would be nice to see all the people reuniting with lived one on the other side of the wall.
  • Princess Diana Dies In Car Accident

    Princess Diana Dies In Car Accident
    This day will for ever be remembered in Britain forever. Princess Diana has died on a hospital table after a car accident. The driver of the Mercedes was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
    This is important because this was the first time a princess died in a car accident. No princess has died in such a way before.
    I honestly have no reason on how this changed the world. I don't know the things that were changed due to her death.
  • Princess Diana Dies In Car Accident cont.

    Princess Diana Dies In Car Accident cont.
    If i were there I would have watched in horror like many others. Not capable of doing anything to help.
  • Killing Spree In Columbine High School cont.

    The event happened on the 110th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday. The event was one of the first school shootings.
    This shaped the future by having gun and safety laws on and in school property. Because of the massacre, security and school laws have been strengthened.
    I would not have wanted to attend the event because there is a slim chance that I could be one of the souls in heaven currently from that event. If I were there I would try (knowing their motive) to convince them not to.
  • Killing Spree In Columbine High School

    On April 20, 1999, in the small town of Littleton, Colorado two high school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, opened fire on Columbine high school. The boys planed to kill hundreds of their peers with multiple weapons. The people who were died were twelve students, one teacher and the two boys;plus the 21 injured. The reason for the massacre was both boys hated people. (Thoughtco.com)
    The importance of the event is that two boys killed twelve of their peers.
  • Athens Hosts Olympic Games

    The event started on August 13 and ended on August 29. This was the first time the Olympics were held in Greece since the days of the Greek empire. The motto for the games was Welcome Home, for the Olympics coming back to Greece. There were 10,625 (6,296 men, 4,329 women) athletes attending those games.
    This event was unique because the games were held in the same country in the ancient days and now it has returned( I wish were to stay there too).
  • Athens Hosts The Olympic Games cont.

    This has no real way of shaping the future. I just thought this event was cool and interesting, so I decided to put this on my project. If I were at this event I would sit through the boring sports and just admire the beauty of Athens. If I attended the event when it happened I would have been to young to understand the beauty and history of Athens.
  • Apple Releases The iPhone cont.

    Apple Releases The iPhone cont.
    The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone game. This changed phones for ever. People now had many things on one device and that device was called the iPhone.
    This shaped how people picked there devices. With an iPod and working camera on one device was incredible.
    I would have loved to attend this event because this was the start of one of the greatest smartphone out there. I would have changed nothing else about this event.
  • Apple Releases The iPhone

    Apple Releases The iPhone
    This day in history will be remembered by all who bought an iPhone on that day. Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple announced the iPhone six months earlier on a panel. This smartphone revolutionized the phone game. People can now call, use a camera, use an iPod, and search the web on one device. People lined up outside of Apple stores to buy one o these phones. You could pick from two different iPhone's. The 4GB model for $499 and the 8GB model for $599.
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