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Pic1 Daily Routine My alarm clock is set for 730 am every morning. I wake up to the sun beaming in my room and my mom telling me to wake up. My bed seems to feel more comfortable when I wake up than when I go to sleep. My mood isnt too friendly early in the morning.
Pic3 Daily Routine As soon as I pick my outfit from overpacked closet, I go wash-up and grab a bite to eat before I leave. I stick to the boring and easy breakfast; cereal. I hop in my dad's warm car and head to school.
Pic2 Daily routine I have to be at school by 820, so I leave ten minutes prior to that. I get to school with a few minutes to spare, usually to get to class, As soon as ypu enter the building, everyones mood of being tired makes you tired.
Pic8 Period 2- U.S history More than often I need my U.S history book everyday. I tend to forget it in the morning because im still half asleep. It's a big heavy book we have to take almost everday. The atmosphere in that class is rather quiet and tired.
Pic5 Period 3- Study hall After the bell rings for 3rd period, we have five minutes to get to our next class. I make sure to use those five minutes efficiently and effectively. I go to the bathroom, get something to drink and head to studyhall. Everyone is either asleep or getting a lot of work done.
Pic10 Period 4- Athletic p.e After I wake up from dreaming or getting my homework done, my next class is athletic p.e. I have seven minutes to get to dressed and get to the fieldhouse. It's an intense class but it wakes me up every morning. There are high expectations for this class, so I try my hardest everyday to fufill those necesitties.
Pic4 Period 5/7 Web-design After I finish showering from an intense workout, my next class is web-design. That class has bellwork every single day, unless told otherwise, which isn't often. We are all expected to complete a journal entry, and work on our website assignments. Everyone in that class has a team work attitude because a lot of the time we spend together working on website projects.
Pic6 Lunch Lunch is split between the periods. I have lunch 6th period. There aren't many expectations for that period, maybe just to have a good lunch. The atmosphere in the lunchroom is rather loud and chaotic sometimes. It's one of my favorite times of the day becuase I get to talk with all my friends and not worry about teachers telling me to be quiet.
Pic11 Period 9- Woods This is another class of team-work. We all help each out other if someone is lost or confused. The expectations for this class is rather easy because we have deadlines we have to meet, but we get plenty of time. Safety is the most important concept in that class. We have to wear safety goggles everytime were in the lab, as well as take a lot of qualifying safety tests. One of my favorite classes.
Pic12 Period 10- English Dusting myself off from all of the dust from woods, I walk to english with my biggest book. It's not a class enjoy, because i don't like writing essays, reading books/novels, etc. It's one of my most importatnt classes but not my preference.
Pic9 End of school! When 230 comes around, I'm either going home, baseball or work. My scheduled time for work is 430. If I dont have work, baseball is my second option.
Pic7 After school schedule Usually I don't get home til 11, when I have work but if I don't I spend my time doing all my homework. Occasionally ill take a nap when I get home. That sums up my time after school. I'm usually in bed by 12-1.
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Daily Routine