Crime and Punishment

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In History
  • 250

    Northern Africa (250AD)

    Northern Africa (250AD)
    During this time if a pesron was caught stealing then the part of the body that they used to steal would be amputated. The main reason the ethics of this time were so shocling is the utter ruthlessnes that it was conducted with. It did not matter who stole what they were going to get cut.
  • Perth Mint (1963)

    Perth Mint (1963)
    The largest ever monertary heist in Australian history. Twenty nine 28kg gold bars with an estimated value of $35000000 was stolen from the Perth mint. This ushered in the largest ever police operation in Australian history. Eventually three people were arrested and sentenced to jail.
    The morals of modern time are very different to ancinet times with equality and fairness being the main emphasis and with non physical punishment being used.
  • Egypt (8000BC)

    Egypt (8000BC)
    The first recorded use of land for cultivation hence the first opportunity to steal things belonging to another person. The morals of the time are unclear as it was so far back in history a set of laws how ever did not appear to be inplace.
  • Sparta (600BC)

    Sparta (600BC)
    During this time stealing was encouraged for young Spartan boys as away of increaseing thier stealth and evasion skills. The children were intetionally underfed in order to encourage stealing but then were punished severly by beating if court. This is one of the few times in history were stealing was encouraged as a training method. This is unike anything seen today.