Confederation Timeline

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Timeline Province of Canada Upper and Lower Canada unite. Upper and Lower Canada form into Canada West and East respectively. The province ceased to exist on July 1st, 1867, and divided into Onatrio and Quebec.
Timeline Reciprocity Treaty Canada and United States signed the treaty to remove customs tariffs on trade.
Timeline Grand Trunk Railway The Grand Trunk Railway is built between Toronto and Montreal.
Timeline Capital of Canada is Chosen Ottawa is chosen as the capital of Canada.
Timeline BNA Act is Signed The BNA Act is signed. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia join to create Canada.
Timeline Assasination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee Only assasination in Canada on a federal scale.
Timeline NorthWest Territory and Rupert's Land is now Part of Canada NorthWest Territory and Rupert's Land joins Canada.
Timeline Manitoba Joins Confederation Manitoba joins Canada.
Timeline British Colombia Joins Confederation British Colombia joins Canada.
Timeline PEI Joins Confederation Prince Edward Island joins Canada.
Timeline Alberta and Saskatchewan is established Alberta and Saskatchewan is established
Timeline Newfoundland Joins Canada Newfoundland joins Canada.
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Charlottetown and Quebec Conference The Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences are held. The 72 Resolutions are made and drafted for the BNA Act.