Timeline created by jake10
  • First programmable computer

    Programmable computerThe Z1 was created by Konard Zuse it was the first programmable computer.
  • Electric computer

    Electric computer
    The Colossus created by Tommy Flowers was the first electric computer.
  • Bank

    The first computer to be used in banking for reading checks called MICR
  • Minicomputer

    The minicomputer was created by Digital Equipment Corporation.
  • Consumer

    The first computer affordable by consumers.
  • Personal Computer

    Personal ComputerThe first personal computer was developed.
  • Xerox Alto

    Xerox Alto
    The Computer had the windows and used icons it was a revolutionary computer.
  • Single Board

    Single BoardThe single board computer was created called the Apple I.
  • Laptop

    Laptop and pocket computers were created.
  • Interface

    InterfaceInvented computer with interface application it was called Apple Machintosh Computer.