Civil Rights Movement in the USA / 1950-1970

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  • Jim Crow Laws

    In the 1950’s 17 states fully enforced the Jim Crow laws, which made segregation in every day places such as parks, schools, shops and buses between black and white people.
  • Brown Board Education

    In 1954 the legal case of Brown v Board of Education of Topeka made it illegal to prevent black students going to schools for whites.
  • BoyCott

    1955 The Montgomery bus boycott non- violent direct action
  • Rosa Parks says NO

    In 1955. Rosa Parks says no when she refused to stand up and give her seat to a white man.
  • Little Rock Arkansas

    In 1957 Little Rock Arkansas saw civil unrest when the Governor Orval Faubus was ordered by President Eisenhower to allow 9 black students to join a school for whites.
  • Greensboro Noth Carolina Students

    In 1960 Greensboro North Carolina SNCC Students begin a campaign to end segregation in restraunts. 400 black and white students were organizing sit ins at lunch counters.
  • 500 Students Organaized

    In 1960 Nashville Tennesse 500 students organized sit ins in restraunts, libraries, and churches
  • Malcom X

    In 1960 Malcom X and the Black Panther movement
  • Core Activists

    In 1961 CORE Activists formed protests called freedom rides.
  • President Kenedy

    In 1961 President Kenedy vowed to defend civil rights. Where he promised to introduce a civil rights bill.
  • Martin Luther King

    In 1963 April Martin Luther King organized a march on Birmingham and Alabama.President Keneddy interviened stopping police brutality on the black people.
  • KKK

    In 1963 S eptember the Ku Klux Klan bombed four black children in a Birmingham church.
  • " I have a Dream Speech"

    In 1963 Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech
  • Civil Rights Act Freedom

    In 1964 the Civil Rights Act and the freedom summer was passed by President Lyndom Johnson.
  • Martin Luther King votes rights

    In 1965 Martin Luther King targeted the issue of voting rights in Alabama.
  • President Johnson

    In 1965 President Johnson pushed through a Voting Rights Bill.
  • Death of Malcom X

    In 1965 Malcolm X Death
  • Congress passed Votes

    In 1968 Congress passed the Voting Rights Bill.
  • Death of Martim Luther King

    In 1968 Martin Luther King death