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  • 2,017 BCE

    International Cotton Exposition

    In the late nineteenth century, fairs and exposition were an important way for cities to attract visitors and investors who, in an era before radio and televise, were eager to see new technological marvels on display these events provide civic leader with a showcase to lure visitors who were urged to come and do business in the host location in the years following the civil war ( 1861- 65)
  • tom Watson and the populists

    he was born September 5, 1856 on plantation in the area today is a part of MC duffer country) Edward Thomas Watson ( later Thomas Edward Watson understood the culture of the antebellum south.
  • Leo Frank case

    on April 26, 1913, Mary Pagan, the child of tenant framers who had moved to Atalanta for Financial gain, went to the pencil factory to pick up her $ 1.20 pay for the twelve hours she had worked that week .
  • County Unit system

  • Period:
    Aug 20th, 1540


    in August 20, 1540 desoto and his army departed from the main twon of Coosa
  • Period: to

    1906 Atlanta Riot

    on the afternoon of Saturday, September 22, Atlanta newspaper reported four