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  • tom watson and the populists

    Georgia politics was rattled by the presents of the Populist Party. Populism jet across the Georgia scene briefly.
  • 1906 Atlanta riot

    1906 governor's race Finally summoned the militia.The streetcar service was suspended played to white fears of an upper class.
  • leo frank case

    leo frank case
    On the beginning of this evidence Frank was arrested. Atlanta hoped for a honesty.
  • Period: to

    international cotton expsition

    Most of the cotton expositions was attempted to produce in 1895. This 1887 Piedmont Exposition's main building in Atlanta's Piedmont Park, the structure is 570 feet long.
  • Period: to

    county unit system

    Data from 1960 drew the inequities of the county system. A historic lawsuit was filed in Georgia.