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  • Tom Watson and the Populists

    The populist movement also known as the people's party was a revolt or went against the democratic and republican parties.Watson served as the speaker for the populist party
  • Booker T Washington

    Washington gave a speech in September in Atlanta.Washington had a huge role or influence on the southern race issues.
  • plessy vs ferguson

    A case that reached the supreme court, in which Plessy an African American refused to sit in a Jim crow car which was against the law in Louisiana.
  • Alonzo Herndon

    Herndon was an entrepreneur and was the first African American president of Atlanta life insurance company.Alonzo was one of the first African American millionaires.
  • john and lugenia hope

    The couple married in 1897.They founded organizations that helped out the black community in Atlanta and had an impact on the future civil rights movement.
  • WeB DuBois

    Dubois was one of the most influential black leaders of the early 20th century.He taught in Atlanta for almost 25 years.
  • Leo Frank case

    Frank was an American factory superintendent who was convicted of the murder of a 13-year-old employee.Frank was to serve a life sentence but that was cut short because he was hanged !
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    International Cotton Expo

    A world fair that was held in Atlanta.It lasted from October 5th to December 31st.
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    1906 Atlanta Riot

    The 1906 Atlanta riot lasted two days .The riot was a racist pogrom in which many blacks were killed or beat up severely.
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    world war 1

    The war lasted for four years .After two and a half years of being neutral the united states joined in the war.
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    Great Depression

    The great depression had a huge impact on the untied states and other countries as well.The depression was caused by a fall in stock prices.
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    County Unit System

    The county unit system was a voting system used to determine a victor in statewide primary elections .